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Why can't we put other players into coffins?  Sometimes I want to help out sleeping players, but you can only put them next to the coffins and not in.  Why is that? Realistically, wouldn't we be able to put them in with the grapple option?

you know.... i never realised that you couldn't put them into coffins!

i alwasy thought that somehow when you put the players in the room with the coffins in them... they are safe and wake up IN the coffins.


The reason is because those coffins are for newbies.. they are free to use.  If players are too lazy to type 'sleep' and get into one safely, then they'll just have to deal with the consequences.  If you want to help these people out, rent them an apartment or a cube and throw them in that.

...and no.. they are not safe in that room.

You know, maybe it's worth putting somewhere in big letters on the website, or in 'help newbie' if it's not there already (I suppose I shoulda checked before posting really, but hey) that it's not a good idea to just log out in the middle of nowhere. I remember not knowing that when I first started playing M**'s - despite now it being glaringly obvious, I didn't know that typing @quit just left you in game and vunerable. I guess the result of playing so many games where you cease to exist in the world once you stop playing.

Alternatively, we could stop being so nice to people and make them learn the hard way..


(Edited by King[Fu] at 5:49 am on May 20, 2002)

This is covered in the new version of @newbie.

I knew I should've read it first.

Newbie reader v2.0 is rather nicely organised. covers a lot of stuff! *grin*... i just read it yesterday, i like the fact that there are now keywords about more info relating to a topic and you can look over them all. much more informative. :)

but now i wonder... how the hell did my character end up in a coffin once, long past my 2 weeks of free stay had expired?

i think it was wakeing up in a coffin and not knowing how i got there that made me think you can just put someone in the coffins.


I think that happens when there's a checkpoint loaded or something and you get sent to your 'home' location..?

I wonder what kind of awkward roleplaying it could cause if an ex-Judge had the Locker room set as 'home' and suddenly appeared in one.. *snicker*

Players can't set their home locations so basically everyone defaults to the coffins on Red. People are dumped there when the streets are cleaned after any unexpected downtime and a subsequent reboot to make sure no regular players are caught out and left in the open...

Funny thing is, -everyone- is moved to the coffins, including dead people, incomplete char-gen people, a vast number of NPC's and all the player/NPC generics. Nothing quite so spammy as porting into the coffins and taking a look at the number of 'people' sleeping in them.

Back to the subject though.. "Why can't we put people into coffins?"

Well, the thing about the coffins is, they're locked, so that people can't get inside and loot the sleeping people.  

Therefore, seeing how the coffins are locked, how would you get one open (besides your own) to put s sleeper in?  Answer is, you can't, unless you were to find a coffin key on a person...

Last thing is, the people that sleep on the streets and don't know that they still exhist ICly, are newbies.  They have to be.  Then, the thing about newbies is the fact that you can't kill them (unless they're dumb newbies and come into the game right away, expecting to steal and kill everyhting they see, in which case, they're askin' for it).  Seeing how you can't kill newbies, wat's the point of them sleeping in the coffins?  There's no need.  Newbies can't be killed, and also, they don't carry anything of value.  I've found newspapers and materials, that's about it.  The system we have seems to work fine, with the sleeping homeless on the street, the almost homeless in the coffins, then the oldbies and inbetweenbies sleeping in their cubes and hotels.  My opinion is, it works fine.