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Combat shortcuts
Faster input

Simple, same as some commands like scrut*inize are short cut, add an option for faster input for combat postures by using numbers, from 1 (guarded) to 5 (kamikaze). This allows smoother operation and avoid silly fuckups.

On the same line, I usually get confused in combat as to who is attacking who. Would it be good to bold the names of the combat participants in each emote? So that:

Kuzco advances on Johnny, ready to dish some beating.

So what'cha think?

In the first case it'd be "posture 1", "posture 2" etc.
I do like the bolding idea.

As for shortcuts... what you're REALLY asking for here is more @macros, right? Because you can ~1, ~2, ~3, ~4, and ~5 that way...

No no I mean a synonym for the posture names, using numbers.
There are client side macros you can setup to shortcut the posture commands. See help macros and @macros.

As for the bold, doesn't sound like a bad idea. But at the same time, combat with multiple persons IRL would be confusing as hell, so it kinda makes sense it'd be confusing IG

Not bad ideas (I like the bold thing and will do that on my own system), but you can do all of this client-side.
I think client side was the wrong wording.. in-game macros are allowed.. not ones set-up through your client.
I do know it can be done with macros, but I am talking about command synonyms. With a 20-macro limit I don't really want to dock 1/4th of them to posture shortcuts.
I have client side triggers to put OOC and IC chat into columns, and highlight phones ringing. I doubt that's not allowed.

The rules also say aliases and keybinds are all right, if I remember correctly, but an admin would have to clarify for this, I suppose.

So, @macros is definitely the way to go for this. Combat is already a steep learning curve and I don't want to make it steeper by adding aliases to commands.

Also, due to the nature of postures, and the fact that they take a combat round to take effect, aliasing the ones you use most and not the ones you don't is a way to save time.

Like, how many people go kamikaze and how often?

Also, practice against training dummies to get your fingers used to typing the commands.