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Combine a few ideas and ...
cortex bombs and removable SICs

Heh, picture this.

Maybe not a -new feature- idea, but a plot idea should cortex bombs and removable SICs be part of the game.

Joe scientist (or corpie or mafioso or ...) get's a cortex bomb implanted.

Joe scientist 6 months later decides he wants out. �He can't leave or someone pushes a button and he's working on his next clone which is being met at Gentek by security forces of corpZ ...

Meanwhile, in the depths of Red...

BadAssPunkX is pissed off at BadAssPunkY

X get's some friends together and wants to have Y's SIC yanked and then turn him into WJF.

X finds out about Joe scientist and arranges to take Joe's SIC -and- bomb, and give Joe Y's SIC.

Joe goes home on Monday night and has his stuff ripped out, get's Y's implant then disappears.

X and friends get Y and drag his ass to a ripper ...

Y get's Joe's SIC and bomb and come Tuesday, when corpZ can't find Joe ...

X's problem and Joe's problem, are solved ...

Heh, �s t y l e ...

Wow.  Interesting idea, if not a little confusing at times.

Only problem with that is that Y would just get a stiff warning and directions to Westside Elective.

noooo this is what happened...
(though, maybe i just read it wrong)

Y's head would be doing the kablooey dance when CorpZ can't find Joe the scientist.

since Y now has Joe's SIC -and- bomb.... and Joe has Y's...


do i get a cookie?

Well yeah, but I was just pointing out the naivet� of X's original intention.

*put a finger on my nose and point to bias*

Give that lady a seegar!

Only a stiff warning for (a first offense for) no SIC?

Well, the criminal element on Red isn't always the smartest.

And honestly, until you mentioned that, I don't think that was common knowledge.

I'll admit, I didn't know.

Not that it should be taken as IC knowledge ...

could the stiff warning thing be simply a remanent of how you used to have to struggle up to gold to get them done? so people without SICs wandering around where a common thing...