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Command: sleep.
A way to willingly fall unconscious

I was messing around with another engine and found this command. In the other engine, 'sleep' makes you unaware of anything going on around you. You can't look at the room, you can't do anything. However! It would certainly let you still talk in xooc because that's a different channel your character can't access.

You might roleplay for some hours, want a break, and just debrief a bit while your character sleeps. This would be a way for that to happen and make yourself ic'ly rest without stepping into the @ooc room.

Logging out could still make you go to sleep but this would be just another way to do it without closing the client.

What do you think of this idea?

Poop and leave or play. You can xooc while you play. You're here to play, not ooc.
I hit reply to quick there.

We're here to primarily play the game. OOC chat is somewhere for us to discuss things should the opportunity arise. If you want to OOC then it can be done while you play. OOC shouldn't be your primary reason for being on the game. If you do so badly want to only OOC, then you can idle in your apartment or something. Find some low effort RP to take part in.

But we're allowed to idle, so then what do we do about that? Sleep might be a solution for the in-between who want to stay online.
Yeah, I was going to say it's basically just a command: idle, and I'm just not sure what it's really adding. What I'm mostly worried about is: 1) what state does it present the player in, then, and how confusing is that when we already present players in a sleeping state? 2) How does this interact with the sleep mechanics/rules already in place, then?

Because even if it were implemented with the sound understanding that it offered absolutely zero protection via game mechanic and the playerbase all 100% stated that they understood using it meant everyone was free to rob and murder and beat you if you used it, we all know people are going to complain like toddlers once they start getting robbed and beaten and murdered while using it and if I were an admin I'd already have a migraine just thinking about it. =\

People can just change their temp_place to a resting or sleeping state and RP not being aware, if they want to, while they idle? I've seen people doing this here and there and it seems to be acceptable? IDK.

People should not make an @look_place, or anything like it, saying their character is asleep. The character is not asleep, and it spoofs to make it look like it is. Since there's no coded way to tell the difference, you're basically cheating. Don't cheat.
Go RP.