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Communication By Line of Sight
Emergency Flares and Mirrorshades OH MY!

It would be slick if highly reflective object could be used to reflect light over a distance in the desert during the day and emergency flares used create a signal at night.

Just because sometimes you get lost...and sometimes you wanna be found...or leave a trail to find.

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 8:06 pm on Aug. 19, 2008)

I like the idea of signaling...

As for trails, leaving objects that can be seen with telescopes, binox, etc. works, or just carry around spraypaint and draw arrows with direction messages every once in a while....

On a side note, it's nice for the sake of gameplay/navigation that you can make out ridiculously small things like a cigarette or something extremely far away (an object of interest, right?) but the code should probably be modified to take account of an objects size and its distance from the viewer. Otherwise it gets a little weird.

Unrelated question:

What is the unit of measurement in use, ballpark. Like one room = how much distance?, particularly in the badlands I imagine this might be different from domeside.

I've heard someone use the term 'klicks' but one room is hardly a kilometer... some clarity? thoughts?

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 7:41 pm on Aug. 20, 2008)

I can't tell you the exact measurement, but I remember a post I think by Johnny saying that IRL the distance between Fuller Med and The Drome would be like 300 or 400 feet. And in the badlands it's a LOT bigger.

If you're using GPS alot, you'd notice coordinates. I believe klicks would probably be a direct reference to whatever ungodly meaning those numbers have. Concerning the precise ratio to kilometer it has in virtual space....umm...yeah... :stoner:

(Edited by ReeferMadness at 12:33 am on Aug. 21, 2008)

Ya but klicks really means kilometers and those #s cant really be kilometers can they?

Easy way to solve this problem. The dimensions of the Dome are probably listed somewhere.. how wide is it again? Then we can make the calculation.

Rooms in the dome do not have a 'size'. I will make a single room into a very small or very large space where appropriate. Sure, sometimes you can ninja fight ... in a ventilation shaft, and other various moments that require you to suspend disbelief due to this.

It would be slick and save a lot of monotony if there was a tool/device that could be attached to a pair of Binox that, when linked to a GPS device, good zero in on a visible target and give you the GPS coords of that object.

That'd take all the fun out of exploration. Scavening the wasteland can be quite should be too easy, methinks.

Yeah... it can be fun and all but like I said, monotony.

A toy like that binocs attachment would completely defeat all the time I spent walking around in the desert determining just how close 'near' is or 'far' or how many rooms away you loose focus at for each zoom level.

If we're not going to get us the knowledge in a document IC, then the only solution is to pass it down from one character to another. And then the last one dies and someone has to figure out all that crap again, or it's lost forever.