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Construction skill?
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Aikao

I dunno, it might be cool. Only have it able to affect special designated places though. Places that need it done? Players (or NPCs) could pay other players to make big changes to their rooms (not just decorative things), or if a player owns a building or night club or something.. They could add on to it. like.. room-digging, maybe.. and I mean actually -DIGGING-.. like the room desc would maybe be a premade thing. Like.. and empty room. Or if it were actually underground, it could describe the dirt and rocks, etc. I dunno. It'd be pretty sweet to see it implemented correctly. Where players could actually contribute to making the MOO bigger and hopefully better? :P Feel free to bombard me with flames, but I think it'd be sweet as hell.

Well, um, AFAIK, a room or object's default desc is inherited from the parent, so you'd need a separate parent for each room type and you'd need it to somehow detect which parent the room would be attached to. Least that's how it works on the handful of MUSHes I've putzed around in.

Way I see it, provided building in LambdaMOO isn't over the top complex (which would be silly), why couldn't someone with the money just request it to a GM or admin, write the desc him/herself, then the GM could just dig the room and exits and paste the desc that the player wrote? Logically, should take all of three minutes. Maybe less.

And even then, this would probably be a rare occurance. You know how complicated it is adding a room to a building without compromising the structure? Don't want your nightclub collapsing, do you? How expensive it would be? Then, of course, you'd need a permit in order to be able to hire the construction vehicles necessary - I somehow doubt there's a rife black market for cranes and forklifts (it's a risk/profit thing...very hard to steal a humongous construction vehicle, and the return isn't that great..afterwards, it's hard to hide the thing).

Yeah, Spaze IM'd me and pretty much told me the same thing.

I dunno.  I still think it'd be neat to have players able to directly influence the way SD looks.  Heh.

Ah well.

Yeah, Aikao. I'm with ya on the whole construction thing.

A little while ago, I asked Johnny about carpentry/construction skill or whatever. He said that there wasn't anything coded as of yet, and I just left it at that.

I had sort of the same ideas, except mine were a little downsized. I was thinking along the lines of carpentry instead of all-out construction. Say...a person with good carpentry skills starts a construction project on a room. Maybe he can knock out a wall and make things bigger. Redo the room desc. Make things like furniture/bars/etc. I realize that it would probly take alot more than just a man and his tools to add a whole other extension to a building as Murphy stated, but maybe just minor things.

I don't know...either it'll be discussed, or just dropped.

large scale changes to a building, need like murphy says,  large scale operations.

anyone up for some dead mixers in the foundations?
cement boots in the sewers! uhm...


anyhoo, right now, the admins are the construction company/crew/giant crane with the blinky lights.
but it appears that if you talk to them and don't bring up the benifits of communism
(... i've been watchings too many "king of queens" episodes. name that episode and you get a cookie!)

i don't see why they would't be willing to listen about what sort of construction project you want... if you explain it, ask for feedback and try to work it ICly... and start out reasonable.  (i know some disagrea with me on that...)

that said, one day, it -would- be cool to call up another -player- and ask them to install some hooks, chains and uh... sound proofing in your gangs storage room or ask them to dig you a large pit with no means of exit for your swimming pool... ignore the body bags please...

inter-player money flow... s'a good thing.

i've drank too many vodka slurpees.


Oh my God! Johnny's an Ewok! That's awesome. Our MOO is run by an Ewok! Everyone bow down and praise the mighty Ewok MOO creator!

I'm hairy, but I'm not -that- hairy.

... and I don't live in the trees either.

You abandoned your Ewok colony to create a MOO for us? Oh my god! What a sacrifice...all must praise this brave little Ewok for his..uh...braveness.

:shrouded: Umm, isn't that a Jawa?

Theres an ewok living in my pants...

should i get that check out?
but it's only a certain pair of pants..
They're kinda fun to wear..
I mean..
*inserts his foot into his mouth*

*grabs his Trout(c) and smacks everyone back on topic*


We need a Trout(c) emoticon.

whats a trout(c)?

ooh.. wait.. a trout like the fish... and you copyrighted it.. oooh..

damn.. so much for getting back on topic

That would be pretty cool if players had the power to expand the MOO, but...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that digging on SD is a little more complicated than it is on Lambda. Among other things, isn't there the matrix_id that has to be set for the room? You know, its z, x, and y coordinates in MOOSpace?

I'm sure you could overcome that by allowing limited use of exit names, so that the code could automatically generate the matrix_id for the new room depending on if you had to go north, south, east, west, up, or down to get into it.. I do like Murphy's idea..

Maybe a construction script could be written and approved, then the admin creates the room and the exits and the script does the rest... So the player could describe the room in all stages of construction, and put some messages in between. Then the room actually gets "built" and you can watch.

I wonder if BabbleOn could pull that one off...

That'd be pretty awesome, the stages of construction and everything. I mean...I thought it was pretty strange when..uh...I was trying to go to an alley, and a hotel just kinda popped up in my way, no warning at all. I'm not complaining or anything, but it's just kinda wierd having whole buildings pop up in a day or so.

And that'd be one hell of a Babble-On script if it could be done...

Hrm... Since the moo is always changing i've been under the impression that, when buildings pop up without warning it's a matter of an "it has always been thus" situation. As in the building has always been there and to treat it as such. So no construction stages are required for the dimension traveling hotels of mystery.

one ganger to the next
"yo, you know that abandoned hotel they just finished building? ya think it's going to win Architecture Magazine's 'best of 2088?'"
"'course man! it's got the best attention to mildew detail i've seen in years! want a cup of tea?"

mmmm tea.

Wow, B...that's all I've gots to say. Wow...