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CoprShares Starter Fund
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I would suggest that corpies are not given XXXXX credits to use for the CorpShare system every quarter but instead one of two other options are used:

1. Give them XXXXX credits (round down or up) worth of their company's stock every quarter.

2. Give them XXX shares of their company's stock every quarter.

In both cases:

This means that passive traders are fully at the whim of their corporation's stock price changes. It also feels a little more themely in my opinion and serves as a reminder of WHO the PC is doing all this for.

In the second case:

It could give PCs more reason to care what their corps' stock prices are as they will directly impact their starting capital every quarter. Assuming 100 shares, a company trading at 85 at the beginning of a quarter means their employees start with 8500c while a company with shares priced at 115 would start with 11500c.

It may be a way for a company's stock price to impact the players more without it also becoming a spiral where companies having good stock prices keep doing better and better and those with poor prices keep doing worse and worse.

It also doesn't result in a case where a successful trader keeps on being successful with past earnings fueling future earnings. To gain this advantage the player would need to influence the needles of their corps and of other corps - not just rock a few quarters.

Admittedly, option two might be a little more extreme than some might prefer.

Two things:

First, the share prices all reset to the base price (100) after the end of each quarter. Well-performing traders are cashed out (bonuses, not shares) and everyone starts level again.

Second, PC trading activity itself isn't (necessarily or primarily) what moves those needles.

One thing:

I do rather like the idea that the quarterly grant should be in the employer corp's own shares.

Hah! Good points. If they are all reset to 100 on the quarter then it's all the same. I still like the idea of employees being granted XXX shared of their corp's shares over XXXXX credits to use on shares.

I am aware that that PC trading isn't much or even a factor on share prices. And that other PC actions are only one of many influences and not even the primary influence. But PCs CAN influence things to some degree. Or they will be able to based on the original post.