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Corpie NPCs buying drugs
Why not?

Make a few corporate NPCs buy drugs, just like mixer gangers do.

This would help accomodate topside chemists who can't easily unload stock, due to mixer gangers usually being covered by mixer chemists/dealers.

Maybe even make it something you have to buy a license for up top in order to sell to those corpie NPCs. A pharmacist or something, similar to the doctor licenses already available.

I can see it working. A chemist's license required and a snobby corporate NPC who gives you an evaluation of your stock and won't buy it at all if it's not good enough to be worth a certain amount.

- "You call this (drug)!? This isn't some Red Sector alley where you can pass off shit that's half sawdust!"

- "This is barely passable. We'll have to resell to a discount supplier."

- "This will be fine for restocking our vending machines. Thank you."

- "This is above-average (drug). We'd be glad to take it off your hands."

- "This is outstanding (drug). Our specialty clientele will be pleased to receive a new shipment!"