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Corporate debt
Leaving has a price

So, inspired by the economy post, I do sort of agree that corpies should get more, but I may or may not be biased. However, what I don't like is the lack of commitment. Corpies can often benefit from all kinds of reimbursements after a month or two of play, which is great, but if they quit, get fired, or lose their gear, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of repercussions. As a security officer, for example, you could get tens of thousands of chyen reimbursed for cyber upgrades, but if you leave the corp, they kinda just shrug and say, "Oh, well." In my opinion, you should be expected to pay all that back, and if you don't, it becomes a fine and maybe even a bounty. In certain conditions, though, corporations may agree to pay for a certain employee, inviting them to switch corporations.

On the plus side, this debt could generate RP on a few different levels. If you feel trapped where you are, you'd have to ass-kiss, convince, and prove your way into another corp even more. Corpies would try to leave for the Mix, only to find themselves hunted for their debt. On the other hand, some players may feel it's not worth playing their character once that debt becomes a problem they can't afford, and will go jumping off skywalks in the hopes of starting fresh.

This system actually would have worked better without the perk system, because EVERYONE would be in debt, but maybe those perks cost a certain amount that's added to a character's debt. The point is, it feels unthemely for a corp to invest in something, then be totally fine with losing that investment, no matter how small. There should be some kind of system in place to ensure loyalty.

CorpSec handling Repo's and then handing them off as eventual WJF sponsored bounties if left unresolved sounds like a good idea.