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Corporate Property Enhancements
Corporates being Corporate

Just some thoughts that came up in regards to certain RP (done well and badly in various facets).

Based on theme, I think there should be bigger ups and downs in regards to corporate property in the game. As a result it would allow corporate players to flaunt wealth more...but also to have the fall when failing be more drastic as well.

Certain things I think should be more common as a result:

*Corporate Chrome - You get it now for 'free' but what does that mean when you're fired or mess up.

*Corporate Wear - When you join a corp, maybe you're given nice clothing, phone, etc as sign up bonuses...but remember that is always corporate property.

*Corporate Tech - You get access to tech a mixer could only dream of! But at what cost.

*Corporate Housing - Sure you can live in a freer apartment complex that is not directly corporate, but if you live in the SaedorKrupp Apartment Complex you get free housing...and are watched at all times by your corporation.

I bring these up for two reasons -

One, I find that when someone is fired the consequences are minimal at this time (from most positions). Oh no, you were fired but you still have your car, your chrome, even a lot of your acquired wealth. There has been some good RP in regards to checking for corporate property, etc, but I tend to find over the years that it is neglected.

Two, it would allow for that shift in theme that people keep asking for in regards to paychecks. The wealth would go more toward 'luxury' items that were personal and not be needed toward work gear, rent, etc unless those were items you wanted to pay for.

Doing this would also spur a lot of RP in regards to when someone is fired, for security, HR, PR, and similar. Making sure every piece of corporate gear was retrieved. Maybe the person, if something was lost, has to pay a fine for it. Those who steal could be put into the corporate bounty program. Variety of ways.

I would like this to be a discussion, rather than an outright idea, as much of this can be pushed via roleplay instead of coded changes. It is just a side of corporate life that I have seen for years be fairly soft with the exception of a few instances.

These all sound very interesting and bring to mind the Corporate life path start on CP2077 (which apparently is taboo to some people, goddamn relax) where the corporate player 'falls' and a corpsec team comes, drains your account, removes all your corporate chrome and access and even threatens you. That's extremely cool and themely. A PC corpie gets fired and... Well, nothing really happens. They might jump the skywalk if they're feeling dramatic. I think it's kind of weird that the mix tends to do the... Punishment for a corpie falling. If you fall, the mix should be the least of your problems, your worry should be your corp either getting 'rid' of you and everything you know, or coming to take it all. Don't have enough to pay for all that cool corp shit you got before? They aren't mixers, so they aren't going to start lopping off limbs. What they might do is make you work for them for free, feeding them info on the mix, doing dirty work, all that good stuff. Corpo-slave, literally.

I love all of these ideas. I think currently, I wouldn't really recommend corp life to anyone unless you REALLY just want a lot of safe, social RP. There's more to it, but that's what you're going to be doing the vast majority of the time.

All of this is true or exists already in my experience.

I don't particularly think encouraging players to cling to topside out of fear of losing everything (something plenty of players do already) is really the best approach though.

They exist, but are rarely pushed and usually much of it is only centralized in corporate security (if even that).

As for fear, its not a matter of fear. You will still have chyen in the end, and personal belongings. Its being able to get -more- things that were technically corporate property which would help set you apart. You want that fancy car? Get a promotion that leads to it, and then you don't have to foot the bill. You get the cred for it, without having to pay. You may lose it all if you are fired, but that's luxuries of life, not necessarily making life any different in the fall itself outside of the transition being a more harsh experience that you can RP.

You can always go and pay for your own stuff, but using the CP 2077 example above, you can also go -past- what you could achieve on your own as a perk of corporate living.

The characters actually driving plots to earn these perks are all getting them from what I've seen.

My own experience topside was only about 10-20% of the stuff I had and things I was paying for was out of pocket, more at the beginning and much less further up the ladder.

I've found players are just generally afraid to ask for anything, or ask at all for that matter.

Sorry for the tangent, but...

"I wouldn't really recommend corp life to anyone unless you REALLY just want a lot of safe, social RP."

If this is your corporate experience, then you either aren't seeing beyond the surface of what's going on, or you're not making enough waves. The "safe, social RP" is the masquerade. I'm not saying you're doing it wrong, but there's a massive trove of political actions and shady multi-sector deals you're missing, entirely. Risk a little, win a lot.


I consider shady deals and political actions to be social RP. You're still putting things in motion, not doing them. Having played both sides a good deal, I'm 100% confident corporate and mix play are night and day in terms of what you'll be doing. I'm not missing them at all, I'm doing them. I'm just saying, like it or not, you are closing yourself off to a huge amount of RP by going corporate.

At the risk of continuing to derail this thread, I'm curious why you consider that brand of social RP to be "safe." From your perspective, is there social RP that isn't safe? What kinds of RP are there aside from social RP?
Please branch this off into a separate topic. Not because I'm trying to be that guy but because I'm genuinely interested in the exchange on this topic.
Can do.