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Corpse @nakeds
It would be good if they had them

Corpse IDing can be a really important thing, but presently if someone asks me to look out for a girl with a minotaur tattooed on her back or a guy with a missing ear, I can't match those descriptions to corpses, even if my character is staring at minotaur girl's stripped corpse hours after her death. Is there any way to make @nakeds stay on corpses, at least for a couple of days?

I get that sometimes nakeds look too 'alive'--if that's the reason they're not on there, it could be tied to inspect, with a message like 'when this person was alive, they probably looked like this' or something.

I like this a lot.

Maybe could be tied into the forensics skill. By passing the check, you'd be able to pick out things like tattoos, eye color, hair color, other major things, depending on where wounds were and such

I am interested in this idea. Would make sense for Forensics.

Yes, this would work well!

I love using medical and forensic skills and tying this all together for more identification and or details with these skills would be lovely!

Well, I think some of the most identifying features of a body should be rather obvious to even an untrained person, if the corpse hasn't been damaged or is not decomposing. You don't need forensics to see the hair and eye color of a person, or any tattoos that might cover their entire arm for example. I think it should be part of what you get as information when examining a body. That way it would make it easier to ICly identify a corpse as well without having to recognize their face.

If it could show eye colour, hair colour and Tattoo's as a short description that would be awesome. someone should bring this up at town hall.

This is especially useful if someone doesn't include ethnicity, hair color/style, or other things in their description. That is the only stuff that shows up on corpses.

Really like this idea! The recognizable features would decay from recognizable as the body putrefies even.

@Nakeds on corpses that become more illegible over time as the corpse decays would be very neat.