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Corpse identification
Implant idea

So I was wandering about looking at dead bodies (you know, to get all their stuff or something) And had an idea that seems like it would fit the setting. An implant that is a kind of cortex bomb in your head that blows your face off when you die so your name doesn't appear when you are examined, because you have no head. Or only appears if the person has high perception or something, like a post death disguise.

The Patented Saedor-Krupp Dead Man's Switch!

Heh, yeah. We call 'em 'The Hitman's Friend' on the street chummer. Or some other wacky bullshit.

Well, the only issue here is: Does the bomb destory your SIC chip. (You are sicced, I assume.) That's what I've assumed the main way of corpse IDing is, in their SIC ID.