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Coup de gr�ce
Die with Honor.

So you're gonna die...your brutally fucked up and there's no way around it, this treacherous bastard is gonna kill you.

...With Style, baby.

Imagine a command (coup) that locks you in to attack if the poor chummer you've targeted if he tries ANYTHING besides emoting. Not a bad way to die, methinks.

Not a bad idea, but couldn't you just aim at them?

Or maybe pull the pin on a frag, drop it, and smile?

Well, what other commands could they use other then emoting? I mean, if they walk away, you attack them and you die(probably not what you want), they talk to you and say, "I am goin to let you live this once but next time you wont be so lucky." and you attack him, and you die.  If you know you're going to die, and there is no way around it, then just  attack him and go on the offense on the chance he might run or something. That's the way I see it.... or pull the pin on a frag grenade, hand it to him and smile.... that's a good idea.