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Courier Work Adjustments Out of Dome

Just a little quality of life thing -

If you have certain types of employment, you cannot run crates at specific places due to that employment. This applies outside the Dome.

I'd like to suggest that this not be the case for a few reasons :

-Thematically its strange that out of Dome people would be aware of your employment. Why would they care? In dome you have the employment SIC magic system, out of dome you don't.

-Changing this doesn't affect weekly earnings - that cap still would apply so doing work out of the Dome will do the same amount as other In dome systems of making money.

-It would allow those out of Dome for RP to run crates during plots and similar, which would be helpful for variety of reasons.

Just a thought given new additions to the out of dome courier system.

I support this. Getting a crew for a Mara run already has enough obstacles (redacted cost, distance), and this would help get people out there.
Perhaps more importantly, this would help restock certain shops with rare wares.