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Credchip cracker
coded and IC

So I've considered this because I see basically useless credchips -everywhere-  but if you got enough secure tech, you slip a credchip in this fancy device, it unlocks it and bingo.  you use it like it's yours.    It the future it could even involve a way to trace chip to chip transactions, maybe via the grid, to figure out who ganked you.  but for now maybe just if your dumb enough to loose you chip, you leave your account wide open.  Basically fair I mean at the very least people would have intrest in getting old chips back...    hack! hack! hack!!
They will never be crackable by players, trust me on that.
If cred chip were useful...sure. But that'd just make them beasts of burden. You can't even buy things from shops with cred chips.
If their not going to be hackable, and their very hard to identify after lost.   Maybe delete alot of the ones that are floating around.   I dunno maybe that's just dumb, I'm being a bit idea crazy today.
Secure tech is easily abused. So alot of its potential application is limited. Just gotta take it in stride.

Alot of the ones floating around do get deleted. (When no one's paying attention.)

I already tried to make the arguement to get the cred chips hackable by players..

Something about it totally destroying the economy if you could hack them

I just think it would be IC, and that it would give people other things to do.  If you can't keep tabs on your life you loose the things you carry around, if you can't keep tabs on your chip, and spread your money around and whatnot you loose your chy.  sounds reasonable to me, but I"m just a lowely player
There are IC ways to get into cred chips, if you don't know them then that's no reason to make them player crackable...

Why don't you just tell everyone... :cursing:
that's just a silly response.  thanks for the attack but I've been playing this game long enough to figure out pretty much everything IC.  just thought it'd give players more to do.  and honestly I don't even have a goal, just see them lying around all the time.
I don't understand why we can't break open the cred-chip and have piles and piles of chyen fly at our faces.

All that sounds good. Really good. ;)

Quote: from Jotun on 3:48 pm on Sep. 14, 2008[br]that's just a silly response.  thanks for the attack but I've been playing this game long enough to figure out pretty much everything IC.
Disclamer: If you have a thin skin something I say may inadvertantly offend you.  It's not personal. Don't waste your time whining. Grow up and get used to real life. Thank You.

Hee! :D

I didn't think it was a silly response =-x
One of the main reasons that cred chip cracking is regulated by Admin, and not just something that anyone with the tools and skills can do is game balance.  If we had 65 million players, then it wouldn't be a problem, because the chances of your cred chip getting hacked would be pretty slim.  

However, we do not have 65 million cred chips.  Most active players can name all the other active players and that means that their options for peoples cred chips to steal and hack are very, very limited.  Even if every NPC in the game had a cred chip on them that had some money on it, the chances of your cred chip getting stolen and haxed would be very high.  High enough to stop you from having one altogether, which would then eliminate the demand for the tools to hack a cred chip, there-by removing both cred chips and the tools to crack them from use in the game.

not true if stores topside get the planned revamps that involve only being able to purchase with a credchip.     Man fixing that shoplift code would be damn near amazing IMHO.  stealing is rofl fun!
Hooray moobloat and having too much chy!
The problem with shoplifting code is balance.  If you have the required skill then you would be able to do it over and over.

Creating a system to govern this so that it would be harder and harder each time, or harder based on the size, weight and value of the object would also be needed.

Yes.. and it's been disabled a looooooooooooonnnnggg time.  I'm no coder so I ask is something like that difficult to fix?
Still not giving up eh?
quittings for suckers.  
Whoa...ancient history here. But now I'm curious.
Are we ever going to have shoplifting code back?
If not, which I actually think is probably a good idea, how are we going to be able to steal shit from a place? Contact a GM, make an @note about it? What are the things the GMs will check before approving a shoplift? Is it just gonna depend on how much you've sucked up to the GM over the last year? Or are they actually going to check against your stats (what skill?) and your equipment and your plan vs. some set number/established quality of the store's security?

And are all stores always going to have perfect security? Or are the GMs gonna just be able to say "well this store is on green so there's no way you're ever going to be able to break through its security and steal all that art."

Additionally, for serious, you have to ask a GM for permission to hack a credchip? I watched a decker IC once and saw them getting ready to go and hack a door, had a bunch of us along, had a bunch of equipment, we get to the door, and then we wait. And wait. And I'm like "what's going on"? And the answer was "waiting on a GM because nobody IC can actually do this, we have to get permission and then the GM has to do it for us."

I don't know, I see why you guys want to control this, but can we at least get like...a process? A request-to-hack gets sent up and gets in-game approval? Like histories or something. And I don't mean "oh just send me an email to my sindome account and I'll respond" because then it's all between you and your relationship with whatever GM happens to be online and responding, and guaranTEE that no matter how good that GM might be they might make a deal with you and then forget to @note it or follow up and then days later when the actual hack goes down, the currently active GM is going to be like "Wait What? Who approved this? I'm gonna have to talk to him before we start."

Thanks for the info!

Update: Vehicle system vests are back in the game. Great!
Current process for fixing this next time around:
1) If vests are not in the markets, tell a GM
2) GM tries to establish where the vests are, if anywhere
3) GM tries to establish if players who still have vests are logging in or not
4) GM re-stocks the markets/stores
5) First player to learn that the markets are re-stocked gets dibs and thus gets the opportunity to corner the market on the product (great if you're a fixer)

Current estimate to go through this process is 3 months.

Can this process get better? You tell me.

Vests are a bitch.

They explode from use. I don't know what happened when FS reintroduced them but I bought -ONE- so as far as I know they're not being horded, but they're in limited quantities and probably being harbored by a few oldbies who will remains nameless - myself included.

Just deal with a fixer, player or npc. If you create a known demand - someone will help you. Eventually...

On the other end of this - in other mud/moo codebases. Maximum numbers of specifics items can be coded in game. Preventing items from say, spawning in the market for sale if a certain number already exists.

However, SD has the unusual dynamic of requiring audits from time to time due to the revolving player base. Deaths, cubes, etc.

So yeah, GM's should be doing this stuff...but we lack bother players and GM's. Can't really win either way. Creating more gm's takes away players. Just communicate with what we got.