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Critical, Specials and Fumbles

I was thinking about the post about a fumbles by Bias and got into a reserch on the old system made by Issaries for Rune Quest that is D100 based as I thought it would be easier to approach as a starting point to SD's system.

The way I found would require change to the objects to support a fumble and critical description tables.

The way to implement this is comparing the skills to a 0-100% chance.

A special check would be if the 'roll' is under 1/5th of your skill rate. rolling from 1-10% if you have 50% or are in the middle of the skill learning levels. It would lead into doing things you cant do with your actual skill level (Spot someone in a stealth cammo suit, sing a song in Japanese, lift a car from top of that baby and stuff...)

A critical check would be the doing of the impossible, kick thru the doors of the terra offices and sutch, but it would be 1/20th of you skill like a 1-2% if you have the same 50% from above.

Fumbles would work the inverse way criticals do. If you have a 25% skill, your chance to miss is 75% and that leads to a 4% chance of critical or a 96-100% roll. It would cause harm to the player, loss of a round of fight (stun), temporary penalty to all his/hers rolls.

In that way it will be balanced as people with highter ue expended into skills will have a greater margin of critical and specials. As the person that has little or no ue on a skill will be more likely to fumble (A terrible driver hit a tree).

If a Special occurs then it just happens as it normally does to someone that has the correct level of that skill. But on the Critical/Fumbles a small list of 5-10 descs and results could be randomly picked to give the sobranatural or catastrophical result of the rolls would be required for every item.

Or even yet a bigger and unique list of fumbles and another of critical could be used by pointing at a range of them. Like items 1-50 are combat fumbles and criticals, 51-55 Driving and etc...

a terrible driver can hit a tree... or at least the curb.. and roll over and make the horrible crashing sounds of metal echo through the streets and and... *cough* or at least stall the car... it APEARED that the faster you're going and the less skill you got the more likley it is to uhm... fumble a turn and bang into something or stall the car or simply roll it over...

right... so does driving currently work on that sort of aspect that xee just described? cause you could pass out from damage by simply ramming into things too often and hitting too many curbs. (or so the bumper cars  of last night showed?) not sure how this relates but i'm curious. :biggrin:

Just wondering, do those cars ever frickin' break.  There was more ramming than a demolition derby, yet the cars seemed perfectly fine.  Otherwise, I really like the vehicle system.  To bad my character is poor and doesn't know how to drive.

Actually, from the number of times I saw people trip and yelp when trying to hit me, I think fumbles are in.
Whether it has any effect other than the message? I know not.

Unfortunately, Xee, our system doesn't work that way, so you're whole idea is unappliable. And before anyone asks, we will not share with you the manner in which the system does work. You are here to RP and test, we don't ever intend to share the dynamics of how the system works or doesn't.

That being said, critical hits and misses are covered by the system already.

Whether they actually cause 'something' to happen yet or not is another story.