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Critter Suggestions
Suggest a critter.

Come up with a name and no more than three sentences of description for a critter and maybe I will add it. It should be themely.
SkyFox - A long-legged white and blue fox with elegant flapping wings

and expressive green eyes.

I got some ideas, not sure about descriptions, but..

* vampire bat

* cheshire cat

* cackling skull

* dire wolf

Cyber Chik'n: A chicken-like creature with chrome wings and metallic feathers dusted with rust.
a 'chip chick'!
Buttertoad - A tiny yellow toad-like creature, with softly glowing fairy wings. It holds the stem of a daisy in its mouth.
So the bats called a 'flap flap', right?
vampire bat.. maybe something like..

"A teeny bat with a comically large head and blood-dripping fangs, flapping all over the screen!"


A ragged looking critter covered in filth and red splotches with a look of disdain for all authority.


Droopy eyes and meek arms reach from what looks like a pile of dust. Discernible within the rubble of its body is a sign covered in chinese writing, saying 'Remember me'.


A bright yellow, bulky looking critter that looks like it carries a pungent smell. Always on the lookout for corpses.

PCow's suggestions are right on the nose of what we're looking for and a great example.
Trash Golem - An amorphous armored blob of trash composed mostly of crumpled ebola-cola cans and wears a trashcan lid like a samurai of old.

Flying Noodle Monster - A strange amalgamation of ramen noodles and mystery meat that's noodly appendages seem prehensile.

Akalumpa - A shadowy creature cloaked in a crimson robe with menacing claws and fangs.

Empty Suit - A well-pressed black suit that moves on its own.

Mr. Studd - A obnoxiously large phallus with googly eyes and wears an XtraSense Condoms jimmy hat.

Ms. Lana - A obnoxiously large hypodermic needle with ruby red lips.

Black Ice: A rare decker type critter that looks like a evil floating sharp looking black diamond thing with red eyes and tentacles.

Cup-o-Joey: A cup-of-joy that is possessed by a benign spirit that wants you to do good.

Diamond Lady: Very rare critter, that can be bought with 99k in micro transactions.

Chexxxy: A sexy looking cartoon yellow taxi cab. That can cast a charm ability on other critters.

Fragrant Foamy: The official quick kleen critter, a monster made out of hygenic green foam (comes in different smells, gotta smell them all!).

Slicer Chimera: A fusion critter that is made out of different splicer parts.

Bansupuro Mutant Dog: Pretty self explanatory, some dog critter that might be mutated and smells like the park.

Moloko Loko: A milk bar monster with multiple shooting udders of drugged milk, different effects depending on the drug. Might be one for each Moloko.

Grandpa's Ghost: Sponsored by afterthoughts memorial, how about a critter that looks like a hologram of our dead loved one? Keep them forever with you.

Desert Drake: A dune dragon based critter, could do the same with scorpions I guess.

Clone Demon Puddle critter: A critter that is a puddle of DCD vat goo that used to be the remains of a famous Solo. Said to be possessed by defective genes possessed by demons.

Fat Kat Cat: A FAT heaven cat that has a Katana, favorite critter of all the street sams.

Nano swarm: A swarm of nanos that flies like bees and can reshape itself to look like any other critter.

Frijjid - A haunted, boxy refrigerator that slowly freezes and consumes anything stuffed inside of it. Likes the sound bones make when they crack.

Botaloomba - A flat, disc-like critter with a thousand stockpile legs. Has three mouths on its underside that consume any spilled liquids.

Pullse - A leech-like, gyrating tube that clamps onto people's fingers. Bloats up as it sucks blood. Can expand to contain a human's entire blood supply.

Mary-Annette - A stuffed doll severed at the waist, howling in sadness. Crawls all over the earth in an endless pursuit to find its owner.

Phasemask - A foot-long spider-like creature that sits on humans' faces at night. Takes the shape of the person's face. During the day, likes to hang from ceilings.

Dissamblagio - A palm-side beetle-like critter that likes burrowing holes through living things.

Tighteye - A floating, disembodied giant eye encased in an orange, many-pronged shell. While it stares at you, your perception of time slows a hundred-fold.

Porpupp - A dog-like critter that performs mesmerizing dances. It leads those enraptured in its dance to certain death.

Febur - A cartoonish, spooky skeleton that plays musical instruments with human appendages.

Tridpir - A tapir-like creature that loves warmth and closeness with humans. When sleeping next to a human, it will feed on the human's pleasant dreams, and replace them with nightmares.

Platamari - A large, bloated, disembodied brain that continues to grow in size day after day. Makes squelching, gurgling noises and absorbs anything it touches.

Pants - A frayed pair of pants. They look barely wearable. Slowly eats anything wearing them.

Derezzed: A very power critter which is glitched and can only be acquired through special means, it might corrupt or destroy the data of other critters. Not an intended feature obviously and a bit of a funny Eastern Egg too.