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cubes, apts, and the like

in my apt. there is a descreption of a closet, and I know this isn't going to be high on the priority list or anything, but if it were coded t'would be nice, espically since when people come over I have stuff strewn all about the room.  it would need a door so you could open and close it, and the nicer ones may even be walk-in, or able to be locked.

add it to the list! :)

o0O(wow, I'd hate to auctially see "the list.")

They say that even a fleeting glimpse of "The List" drives a person completely mad....


Actually, I'm just mad anyway.  I haven't seen the list.  :(

Closets and other person storgage spaces will not be released untill after every item has an actual mass and dimensions, and the storage space in question has limitations on what can be placed in it according to it's size and shape.  You could argue that it would be left to the person to be IC about it, but it'd would undoubtly be abused, then thats something else for the admin to have to watch for.  People take advantage of the Lockers about the dome as is.

Most of the things are sized and shaped.

I think there are plans for a rather complicated system, so that you couldn't fit a three foot rifle into a two foot box. Things like that.

I think 'space' values are in for everything, though, Jink has been busting his ass to set them all... thats why your locker spills out when you open it. ;-)