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Cultural Quarter Balancing
A few simple changes

Hey everyone,

First off, I would like to thank Cerberus and his team so much for finishing the cultural quarters project. I feel it adds ALOT to the mix and makes exploring all the more worth while. I know a lot of effort has been put into this and now any more changes to the sectors have most likely been put on the back burner in regards to Faction overhauls, space things, etc.

While roaming, however, I found a distinct difference between two of the quarters, partially due to existing locations in game. Little Kyoto and the Gulag have cultural bars/restaurants, businesses, and an assortment of apartments and overall seem like busy places, while San Mayo and Chinatown seem a bit lacking to me.

I believe that two simple fixes could be done to make San Mayo and Chinatown be more worth while visiting for specific items.

For Chinatown, just change the location of the entrance to Hakam's and change the description of it slightly to fit the theme. Currently, the entrance is closer to the Gulag, and given its name that seems off. This would add more than one business to an entire corner of the Mix that has a few other 'businesses' that don't do anything, and are just buildings. This would help flesh out the feeling of Chinatown and give it a bit more interest to visit that corner.

For San Mayo, my suggestion would be to add a barrio store or something similar to the corner. All the businesses in that corner are NPC RP dependent or totally automated, making the area seem dead. By adding one themely store it would make a good reason for visiting that area for more than Deathball RP and tacos. I think it would be similar to the Lucky Dragon on other sectors or the grocery store with mix-specific items.

TL;DR I suggest that two simple changes be made to the easternly quarters of the Mix to make them more on par with the two westernly quarters because to me they seem unbalanced.

I understand that this may not happen anytime soon, and that is totally fine, and I don't claim to have any insight on what is planned for the quarters in the future. These are just observations I feel would make the quarters balanced.

Thank you, and please let me know your thoughts

Regarding San Mayo, there's the closed Street Heat which got a fancy new colored sign. But there's already Kro's. Would be a big deal to move/replace Kro's but I think more fitting in that part of town. Maybe move the convenience store and make it more like a bodega?

Just thinking of things to limit redundancy in Central Red, but balance is good.

Maybe there's a little bit more to those cultural centers and the business' around them. I like to imagine over the course of time things will balance out between them and you will see more profound expression of cultural impact.

You raise good points though. For those of us involved in the cultural centers - let's make them better. Hire an artist, kill your neighbor, drown a baka in borsch, and lets get multicultural with it!

Chen Mayo & Deathball 4eVa!