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Can we get some Cup-O-Joy vending machines in various places? The only place I've seen so far to get noodles in the Park, but I think CoJ Vending machines would be wicked. You get like a little bowl that automatically cooks the noodles and adds the flavoring!

Yay!... this would be good.. prices should be low though, seeing as how if a beer domeside cost 200 chy, and a beer today cost 3.00
and noodles cost .69 today... I think we could say like.. 75chy or 50 chy. Yea? :(

I like that idea. Maybe put one at each major intersection. Then the Citizens would flock to it!!!

Hey man wanna get some oodles of noodles?
Nah had some last night at the rose man.....
Oh yea? Ima get some at my apartment complex.
Maybe Later we'll run down to the minimall and get some eh?
Sounds good man.

Imagine them like really dumb surfer dudes that say 'man' alot.

Of all the food in Sindome, I love the concept of Cup-O-Joy the most. Its flavorless taste, the texture of thick, albeit shredded paper, and that delightful hungry for real food it must leave you with 15 minutes after you finish the self-heating disposable bowl.

The question ofcourse lies in how this oh-so-common product would be made available to the masses. Do we grant it existence like a persistent thing or do we make it something dispensed from everywhere and disposed of immediately after use/expiration?

I think I would favor a product dispensed from cubes and coffin lobbies, immediately heated on delivery and timed to expire when it got cold. I don't like prolific objects bloating up the game, but I'd rather it existed briefly than  not at all.

Sounds proper. It'd be cool if it could break too...and hose you with boiling water.

You just want something else to burn yer junk with, sadist.

I'd put vending machines that delivers them hot. And after, say, a half hour it gets thrashed as it's cold and unusable.

So you can get back from work/pub/whatever slot 50 chy into the food machine grab your hot plate and wander to your cube to eat it in private.

In that line of thought we would have coffee, hot chocolate (with soymilk), noodles, soup, sandwiches (hot and cold), and anything else we'd want. Most would be in the expiring consumable group maybe with different lasting times...

We might even use another idea that creates a job or five that are all about filling the machines with consumables and taking the money out and back to the "central". People could steal the transporters supply and/or the money bags....

Silks getting warm and coffee's getting cold. Yes I like this idea. And Pizza that can't sit out in your cube for days while you eat at it *shudders*

Maybe a virus to go with eating expired food just before it rots away into the recycle bin?