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Current drug @symptoms

I love the drug messages, but it is sometimes difficult to figure out what exactly each drug does to be able to RP it. It would be cool if there was a @symptoms command that told you the current symptoms you were experiencing so you had a guide to RP.

Maybe some simple descriptors, with like a barely/mild/moderate/heavy/very heavily tag:


- You are mildly experiencing distorted perception and hallucinations.

- You are moderately experiencing decreased aches and pains.

- You are heavily experiencing increased appetite

- You are barely experiencing decreased inhibitions

- You are very heavily experiencing jitters and increased energy

The categories I would propose off the top of my head might be:

distorted perception and hallucinations - LnA-3z, nA-3z

decreased aches and pains - Dez, Endo, Nevadone, v-202 (maybe LnA? the wiki says it is an opiate)

euphoria - LnA, nA, Dez, TH-2c, jackel pipe

feelings of superiority and indestructibility - v-202 (and maybe mRc? It seems to act like cocaine/meth)

feelings of aggression - v-202, jackel pipe, mRc

feelings of paranoia - TH-2c, v-202

reduced inhibitions - mRc, TH-2c, jackel pipes

increased appetite - TH-2c

jitters and wakefulness - mRc, EverUp, Ex-D7

increased intensity of sensations - mRc

decreased empathy for others - v-202

These are just some suggested ideas, and I'm sure people have others. In general, though, I find it hard sometimes to figure out what effects exactly I am feeling from drugs (especially recreational drugs) at a given moment, and having some guidance would be awesome.

I suppose you could expand this to other effects, too, like PDS and other diseases. When having a PDS outbreak you might feel 'feelings of aggression' in addition to the occasional PDS message emitted to you.

Drugs were going to cause syndromes that ran 2-4 symptom scripts at once based on combinations and other factors but the code to make it all work never got written. There are a few hundred lines of script lying around, maybe someday they'll get used.
As cool as that would be, I would happy to just to have RP cues -- then we could play it out.