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Custom clothing tailor
NPC tailors

Keep seeing people asking over SIC about tailors etc. Not sure if this already exists or if it would be too hard to put in the game but here goes.
An NPC tailor on each level. Where you can take your material (or buy from them) pay a certain amount of Chyen depending on their skill level and the size of the job and tell them what you want from them (write your own description).
Not sure if it would slow the game down multiple people charging round with custom clothing on though.

I'm not clear on why NPCs are required. Why don't you just take your material and put your descriptions on yourself?

Don't you need a decent skill level to actually make the clothes look any good? Plus it doesn't seem very IC for my character to just pick up some cloth and hey presto check out my swanky new hat.
Does my character know how to make hats? Not at all.

You need to be able to write to make clothes look good. Artistry skill affects the finalized value of the item.

What you're asking for is for DB resources and a dozen man-hours in coding and bugfixing to have an NPC do something you can already do instead of RPing it.

There was a time when -all- clothes were materials, there was no artistry skill and not once did the IC world collapse in on itself because someone put together some kinky underpants.



Well, I was one of those people asking about tailors, and the reason I was doing it is because I knew there was a system in place and wanted to give the opportunity to another character within the Sindome Universe the opportunity for some RP and spread the economy around a little instead of simply putting Chyen into the money sink  of a vending machine and just making the clothing myself. It's not that I was incapable of buying the materials and doing the job myself, but that I wanted to enrich the environment in which we all co-exist.

So, no need for an NPC system.

Hey assholes.  I think what is going on here is that Pocketface still doesn't have a handle on every little facet of the game like those of us who have been playing for years.  So, instead of jumping down a newbs throat (remember, we want more players) I'll throw this out.
1. Anyone can take a piece of material and set @desc, @coverage and all them @messages however they want.  The tailoring skill comes in when you @finalize the item, making it both wearable and valuable.  A skilled "tailor" could fashion a piece of shit (literally @coverage face, @color brown, @desc It's a piece of stinking, disgusting fecall matter) and it would be worth thousands of chyen.  I love the tailoring system, but this is the one thing that's always bothered me about it.  We hope that the really creative players with good descs have a high tailoring skill, and the shitty ones don't or they play it the right way, but you never know.</rant>
2. Asking for tailors over SIC/NLM/etc is just a means of creating commerce (aka supporting the economy).  I *could* make this shirt/tie/pair of ass-less chaps myself, but my character isn't a tailor, so I'll find someone who is rping that role.  Just like I might pay some Immy to go spread some fliers and spray paint some add, even though I could do it in half the time.
3. Welcome to Sindome motherfucker!

The artistry code is more complex than that. Even with maxed artistry and the relevant stat, a material with those specifications wouldn't be worth thousands.