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Custom drinks
Similar to how tailors create clothing items...

What if bartenders could make custom drinks the same way tailors make clothing? Except, instead of needing the raw fabrics, they'd just need to be at a bar. People could ask bartenders for common drinks that arent on the menu (vodka on the rocks, etc.) and tenders could come up with special drink mix recipes. And maybe recipes could be saved and re-used similar to how macros work?

This could be fun, now that alcohol can no longer be consumed at people's homes. I know there'd be the issue of which skill to tie it to... so perhaps only people who are employed as bartenders, or have been in the past, could use this feature?

You can do this already to an extent by elaborately posing all the little steps that go into making a drink. If someone asks for vodka on the rocks, pose out how you add ice to the glass, etc. The final product you give them might not match the description exactly--maybe their vodka doesn't show the dash of whatever you added to it--but you and they can still RP as though it does.

There are reciped drinks currently I believe, so we would just need to modify the chef's island to let you specify whether or not the intended recipe is food or a drink.

This is of course dependent on whether we want to stop working on other projects to make tweaks.