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Custom Makeup Messages

While I love that make-up allows for some colour to be added to @nakeds, the default messages don't always integrate that well for a variety of reasons.

It would be very fun if custom application messages could be set like how artwork can be installed in a room in a custom way. It would allow for some additional artistry in how make-up is applied more like tattoos, and would allow for more personal style rather than rote default messages.

I absolutely second this!

Anything that can allow more expression, for the good or for the gaudy, sounds fantastic. Crazy mixer face paint would be so fun! It could also make more business for PCs who make money doing makeup for other players.

Alternative idea: Third tier of expensive CleverGirl holographic make-up catered towards corporate characters that can be customized when applied and takes %color codes.

Additional alternative idea: Corporate-priced holographic SkinWriter that does as well.

I think this is a great idea. My proposition would be the following:

Have current makeup function like dynafiber with skilled artistry/disguise people able to assign custom %bodylocation @messages to certain makeup kits. For bonus points, make it more difficult to assign sequential %bodylocation @messages to one makeup object to reward skilled PC's.

The concept IC would be artisans/disguise people able to provide a temporary conceptual makeup concept to another PC but leave them coming back for more as supplies run-out. In addition, Makeup styles would be easily copied and remaining contemporary would be a struggle.

...but mostly I just want to do this:

Just a big old yes on this for me. I'm not sure how to make it happen, but I feel like this avenue of character expression brings a plethora of uses and ideas to mind. In addition to the above mentioned cosmetic, and self-aggrandizing reasons, there are ideas like camoflauge patterns for flat out sneaks and contouring for subtle disguises, or to aid some 'appear' choices. All with a little personal flair? As well as the RP we all can't wait for.. Your friend falling asleep with their shoes on at your place, and you drawing a vaguely phallic shaped object on their forehead and signing your masterpiece. Only for them to be told about it by someone much later in the day. While you hold a straight face. Or is that just me...?
I want.
If I felt that was within reasonable ability to scale, I would have done this to begin with.
I just want it to draw stuff on my sleeping roommate...