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Customizable guns?
completely aesthetic

So, I know all about the scopes, and silencers, and barrel extensions. All fantastic, but my mind says that in this world of "style over substance" all the -best- gangers would want guns all chromed out, and names etched in the sides, and pearl handles, and hot pink Sebbie's for the hookers who can afford em, haha revolvers that play a little western shootout sound bite when ya draw em (a la Fallout's Mysterious Magnum).

You would customize a highly illegal item that would be taken from you the moment the law sees it?

Of course they would. Illegal doesn't have a good track record of keeping something from happening. Guns are still in Withmore, just like drugs in America. Drugs with TV shows aired nationally about them.

Being highly illegal makes it all the more desirable to customize it, really. Customizing something that is very common and perfectly legal to own? Meh. Customizing something that is reasonably difficult to acquire and could land you in a lot of trouble? Hell yeah, give that middle finger to the man!

I'm thinking the ability to redesc the weapon like when tailoring. Set the color, description, messages when equipped or holstered or reloaded, teases, maybe add titles to them (Murphy's 'Lawbringin' Enforcer or Rychek's 'Doorman' 12ga.) Expand it to melee and blades as well. Katanas are highly customizable as is, but cricket bats (Like the paddles they beat Freshmen with in Dazed and Confused ; The Soul Pole lmao), blinged out brass knuckles... To me, the signature weapon, or finishing move has always been the epitome of cool when it comes to combatants of any kind. From samurai swords, which were their -souls-, to Wyatt Earp's Peacemaker Colt .45, known well in the West and even in todays culture, to as far fetched ideas as WWE finishing moves. The same DDT from the 80's with a new twist on the name cuz Jake the Snakes prolly dead or at least ancient and some new kid does it now. But guess what, millions still eat that shit up with a spoon twice a week and pay ridiculous amounts to watch monthly PPV's SOrry, that turned into a rant there. I'll stop now