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Cybernetic Redesign Modules
For refinishing cyber - like new!

Basic idea is this: people with the skill/know-how can use a specialized station to redesign wares. Useful for both botched jobs and for hiding where possibly ripped wares came from...
Nah, I'm just gonna delete the whole system and rewrite it. It's shit.
Is it possible to revisit prices for mere prosthetic replacements and customization in the process? Those are still pretty expensive if your character isn't rich, even just one. Two and more at once can be severely crippling. Not to talk about customization which adds up quickly, even for the very cheapest option.

For example a heavy discount if you buy and customize pairs of prostethics at once.

Maybe we'd start to see people getting turned into robots bit by bit if it became even more accessible, instead of them getting vatted over and over. (Or instead of suicides after limb loss, which is economically understandable, but silly.) And that would be a hundred times more interesting.

^ That is an IC issue, not an OOC one.
For clarification, its IC because the price of prosthetics is cheap, the price you are getting charged may be expensive.
There was a long discussion about the prices of cybernetic prosthetics a few months ago.
Saw the clarification after posting the reply.

That's true, but I wouldn't call the prices that are on the publicly accesible price board especially cheap either if you have to replace more than one limb. I guess it all comes down to the economical situation of a character, like everything else.

Maybe not. But do you want a cool limb and to not risk DCD, or do you want some more chyen in your account while you are missing a leg? That is an RP decision, and the method you pay for a fully functional limb replacement that gives you benefits that a normal limb can't is up to your character

Customization is a choice, not a default, and there are forms of customization that cost no chyen at all unless the doctor asks for payment.

@colors cyberware and help cyber-design are great files to review before consulting with your local cyberneticist for consultation.

I think the pricing is pretty dang reasonable, as someone who has been deep and wide into the custom cyberware system and space.

Sure it could be cheaper, but their are ways around the hard costing of everything thing in this game, get hustling.

Regarding the system itself, I cannot wait to see what comes next, the system is.. to quote mirage 'shit' when you actually put it under any strain.

I am hoping for dynamic naked pairing as a baseline which can extend to robots, cyberware and bio-mods as an elegant solution, but we will see what the wonderful staff cook up.

Ever excited to see what is next!

"Maybe we'd start to see people getting turned into robots bit by bit"

We (the staff) don't want to encourage this.

@Dawnshot: The problem is not that it is an either-or decision. The decision is more along the lines of: Do you want your character to die now, or do you want to spend a load of resources to get him useable again and die soon anyway because either someone wants the shiny chrome now, or because whoever cut those limbs off wants to see that character dead anyway down the line.

Don't get me wrong, I'd always go for the chrome if possible, for the reasons you listed, but hearing IC about people suiciding over limb loss (all the caveats apply of course: might be misinformation, might be old stories from before the change, etc.) makes me wonder if the prices really are the right spot.

@Mirage: Why not? I figure that would make for a good story and be more interesting than just waking up in a vat. I have no idea if and how crippling that could be to playing the game though.

@Loreley Sounds like the same trade off with gear, weapons, tech, etc. In the end, everything is temporary in this game, whether you think its not or not.
@Loreley Sounds like the same trade off with gear, weapons, tech, etc. In the end, everything is temporary in this game, whether you think its not or not.
I would also be interested as to the reasons why there is a push away from characters attempting conversion. When IC there has always been a push for more chrome, robots and so on.
Conversion is meant to be horrific in experience. It'd be a quite less than ideal state to obtain.
Gear and weapons don't make or break your ability to walk, though. Limb replacement is a pretty crucial service in a world where people get hacked up on the reg.

Just my two cents. I haven't looked at the price of cyberlimbs since the changes but I support them being more easily accessible for the less wealthy.

Old information, Lorelay.

And to follow up on Johnny's response, because everyone having chrome and full conversion cyborgs are not part of Sindome's theme.

While we don't encourage it, it's also not disallowed to the extent that we've enabled it. If you think the game encourages it ICly, you missed the satire and took the satire seriously.

Cyberlimbs are plenty available and we're happy with the new balance, please don't beat an old horse with old information, it's exhausting.

(Edited by MirageGM at 9:02 am on 4/14/2022)

Sindome is a horrific experience. There is character presidence that seeking that would be preferable to not, a whole slew of mental disorders that exist, as well as PDS itself that actively encourages you to get more chrome. There was even a citywide, public plot that pushed getting more overt chrome.

I am just a little confused at the stance to not encourage it now.

Sorry for the double post, I submitted it before having that response Mirage, if its not an issue delete this and above.
Just because the CP pushes the chrome, doesn't mean you should want it. Prosthetics to replace limbs and such, or benefit you? Sure.

Willingly lopping off limbs, removing large portions of your head or eyes, replacing internal organs for the aesthetic? Chummer, you got a screw loose. (not that its not cool, but from a bystander standpoint)

You misunderstood me. I meant it getting used by characters as a sadistic punishment to see their enemies suffer and not people doing it willingly to themselves.
I mean, a system rewrite seems good, too.