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Cybernetic system failures
Substandard Cyberware for the Substandard Sector

On top of all the changes that have been made to red sector recently, with infections and such, something else has occurred to me.

As another method of oppression, or perhaps just to hide the defective units, I have been wondering if medical facilities on red might get cyberware which is more likely to malfunction, sometimes without cause. It makes sense to me that corporations, which want to present as squeaky clean an image as possible, would ship their less than desirable or defective products to red for whoever might be unfortunate enough to purchase them.

This would also have the benefit of increasing demand for the new cybertech job. What do you folks think?

I believe the idea is for this naturally to happen over time as damaged/used cyberware from rippers enters the market. A lot of chrome is secondhand in Red Sector, there's just been no indicator of that until now besides needing to hire a ripper to get at it.
I think any changes that'll make Red harder to live in will be received negatively. We'll have to give it more time to see how radios and infections are received over long term.

Personally, I love it. I suggested cyberware grades before so people not only get cheaper alternatives but can make use of the new malfunctions. Plus more interaction between sectors, making cyberware more than plug and play, giving cybertechs, medical and deckers more RP and work...