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Cybernetics Insurance
I risk sounding like I'm whining...

At the risk of sounding like a whiny appeal, this is my idea, likely mentioned elsewhere before:

Cybernetics Insurance, brought to you in partnership between Sense/Net, Genetek, and Saedor Krupp. When you update at Sense/Net for an additional fee you can take out cybernetics insurance. In the event of clone death, Genetek through the magic of science and some extremely expensive equipment brought to us courtesy of SK, cybernetics implantation is incorporated into the cloning process.

I argue that dieing is a huge disincentive to getting lots of cyber at all. Hell, if a clone is like the best deal in life insurance in the history of mankind, why can't I insure a couple chunks of plasteel and silicon?

Clone banks, does this mean that I have a hunk of flesh sitting somewhere, waiting for me to die, or does this mean that my genetic data etc is stored for me somewhere and Genetek just "creates" the flesh and bone on demand? This is likely covered elsewhere, but just asking for clarity and cant find a relevant post at the moment. If its the case that Genetek 'creates' the flesh, why oh why can't SK and Genetek join corporate hands and provide a wonderful service for us?


(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 10:38 am on Aug. 31, 2008)

Sounds like something every corpie would want.

I'm assuming you want cyberware to be insured at reasonable rates.  Insurance companies are interested in making profits.  With the cost of cyberware and the probability of death, why would Saedor Krupp give you a brand new set of cyberware for dirt cheap when they could keep up the demand by making you pay for a brand new set?  Cyberware is like an object you carry around with you that you lose just like everything else when you die.  When you buy cyberware you are essentially buying it for the duration of your clone.  Making you go out and buy more cyberware also makes you find a street ripper to install them for you.  This feature would be a huge disincentive for PC street docs.

Speculating, a form of insurance would likely be available for those who meet certain criteria (i.e. low risk, stable job, topside resident). Why insurance? A convenience, mostly, plus as you said, insurance companies are in it to make money. They make money because most of the time the people they insure don't get into trouble.

That's why there's an industry to begin with.

But maybecorpies just walk out of Genetek Revival and straight to a clinic, where cyberware would be purchased anew and re-implanted. Doesn't make sense to me. In the insurance scenario, SK isn't giving away cyberware, in fact they're making money, especially because the more expensive your cybers the higher premiums you pay.

Okay, so trashy high-risk mixers don't usually get insurance, or if they qualify at all, have to pay much higher premiums. But if you can pay for it, it should be available... in some form.


I agree with Lena about a degree of automation with cyberdocs at least topside. Maybe make it cost a hell of a lot more or something, but it should be there (and be a quality service! Months ago you could get a better surgeon in Red rather than topside, but that was likely a player induced imbalance..)

(Edited by BuddhaBrand at 5:27 pm on Aug. 30, 2008)

I always imagined Genetek having your data, and when you die they bring up the file and start building up. That's why I thought there was a certain wait time to get on your clone.

Quote: from BuddhaBrand on 4:36 pm on Aug. 30, 2008[br][partB] this is a question
Clone banks, does this mean that I have a hunk of flesh sitting somewhere, waiting for me to die, or does this mean that my genetic data etc is stored for me somewhere and Genetek just "creates" the flesh and bone on demand?

Unless it's been changed, you used to be able to watch clones being woven from nothing in the recombination tank, so they're made on demand.

Although I like the idea of banks of human "blanks", living mindless humanoid meat on life support waiting to be injected with nanites that weave your stored DNA into the blank and shape the generic into "you".

Course, some would argue the blanks were alive and it was murder to over-write them. Some researchers would swear they've detected neural activity, and grunt employees working in the meat stores would tell stories of seeing them move, whisper, gather together...

And then the deaths start... and what exactly is that pale humanoid that you keep seeing in the sewers?

Heh, a plot I never got to bring to fruition. :)