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Cyberware: Town hall summary
Customizations and potential implementations

Posting this here to make it note of it as allowing cyberware customization was a common theme at the Town Hall.

Some selected quotes from some of the topics.


I would like to see cyberware being a much more modular affair, I think the approach with eyes and ears need to be replicated with the other areas. I would say that you shouldn't have a pain editor, and a flash boost as separate modules, but as components in a bespoke cyber-spine. With the customizations being done on the spine as additional surgeries add modules to it. Possibly having a description being able to be added to each cyberware per part or upgrade installed. Cyber weapons could replace cyber limbs and vice versa.

Further I don't think there should be a such thing as invisible cyberware. I think it should all be obvious with physical affects that can be either crafted by a cyberdoc or chosen from a default template, and even possibly nano-gens should be obvious from incidental effects. It should be a lot more difficult to max out on Chrome and be a non-obvious cyborg.

[end quoting]


I agree that we need more cyberlimbs and other 'cosmetic cyber'. Possibly it could be part of the cloning process -- if you agree to come back with an artificial (no mechanical benefit but PDS hit) arm, your clone is cheaper since we have to regrow no flesh. Of course, that opens the door to the crazy economics of 'a body costs 5 kay', so I understand the difficult theme implications there. Still -- no cyberlimbs just doesn't feel that CP

[end quoting]

General consensus during an earlier topic from a few techies was more technical drugs and cyberware==Goooood thing. Not digging through logs to grab more examples though as this post is long enough.

Other people can add more to this was just trying to open this as a topic.

Yes yes yes!

To follow your lead, Rhea, here are some amazing points as well which drive this topic home.


"I'd just love to see low-cost chrome that can be gotten into immies faster to build theme. Cosmetic stuff...fingers, toes. Lower-grade nanos that are visible on their bodies or something at half price. Create interaction between new doctors and new players. Create room for nasty Ripping scenes and resale. The PDS-gate is pretty real for new players, but developing a set of shit-tier chrome with minor advantages that can get people hooked would be awesome. Infections from them could create non-PDS consequences and more reliable income for doctors and cyberdocs of low levels…It would be cool to chrome them up and watch them twitch. But the cost now and PDS gate makes it pretty hard to loop an immy into that sort of thing."

[end quoting]


"Transhumanism, transhumanism, transhumanism!! At the forefront of cyberpunk chic, augmenting oneself with aesthetic chrome should be commonplace and encouraged! I really love the idea of getting custom-made cyberlimbs and more aesthetic additions. Also, custom biomods are extremely unexplored because they're limited to corporate chars and cost a LOT. Part of the reason some people feel fed up with the way biomods are realised, in terms of "animal splicers" and all that, is because Mixers are unable to experiment with it and altogether get very themely custom mods. Opening custom mods to the Mix would help this part of the theme along super well. There could even be different "levels" of quality in terms of mods, such as biomods that last only one sleeve or not all the nakeds options offered as topside. "

[end quoting]


"Studds in smaller sizes. Robohands. VOLUNTARY PROSTHETICS. If you can volunteer yourself to buy and install a cybereye, you should be able to volunteer to lop off your legs and have them CYBERIFIED, with tangible benefits! agility styles, sturdy styles, one with a cool HOLSTER! But give us that sick PDS for this crazy limb-lopping, bodymodding nuttiness! And dedicated chrome."

Related previous discussions:

To me, transhumanism and how society shapes identity are the defining features of the cyberpunk genre, so I am a big fan of more customization options of every variety.

I think the strength of a text-based game is being free of the limitations of pre-defined visual presentation in other games, and instead being able to use just prose for elaborate creative expressions.

Yes, yes, yes. I always wanted more cybernetics. More cyberlimbs. More chrome in general! I want to be able to get something not to replace a lost limb, but to overcome the limits of the limb I already have! Chop off my hand and give me something that can connect to the Grid, or other kinds of technology. Make it super fast and able to hack devices without additional tools, et cetera. Could even make Knux and NailZ an addition to such cyberhands. I think too, if you can lop off an ear/eye for a superior cybernetic counterpart, who would think it to be MORE insane to lop off an arm?

Love, love, love all the ideas on this thread. More cyber please!

Express legs, for those times when taking a lev just won't cut it.