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Two skills in one

This is just a wild-ass idea to go with my "buskers" thinking in the Income Ideas thread, but, since Capoeira is as much a performing art as a martial one, it would be super cool to bust out some of them moves outside of combat!

The idea of martial arts is a style over substance thing. Martial arts as a skill is purely combat driven - just because some martial arts happen to involve cross training does not mean you get to avoid putting UE in the appropriate skill.

In this case, I believe dancing would fall under artistry.

Well, to extend the metaphor, it would be cool if I *did* go busk in front of Carnal and make income from the ambient population. Dancing, singing, exhibition-sparring, whatever.

Without some coded outcome, though, it's nothing but roleplay and artistry skill doesn't get rolled.

Nothing is stopping you from doing just that.

Artistry is a somewhat useless skill. Certainly. However, in the event you were to pose as a writer, musician, dancer, etc. GM's would judge your abilities and how the NPC population perceives you based on that.