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Death and you as a player.

There are time when you will die, either on a new character or on a character you are bored with in games and want to start something new.

I think it's cool that you guys have the ability to save people before they permed via cloning and such, but I do think that there should be a way to skip the theatrics and just go light.

If you wanna wait, cool, wait.

If you don't, then you shouldn't have to.

Dying is very intentionally a mandatory cool-off period. If you could defeat that, there would be no point in having it.

This has been brought up before (search option on top), but it is set up that way for a reason.

Dying for some is very intense particularly if they are invested in the character.

Sometimes a person feels one way at the start and then after the 30 minutes (I think it's that long) they change their mind.

But keep going, there are several basic ideas in

Also the townhall meetings are good reads to see what's been talked about and what will be worked on.

This has been like this for years and intentionally so. Death is an intense experience and it requires you to cool down. The descriptions that describe your character's death allow you to relate yourself with the events in a more immersive way and let you settle down and think 'okay, wow, I am dead' instead of a generic 'YOU'RE DEAD! GAME OVER!' screen. So please don't try to change what's been working for years and what's best for the player to avoid waiting a few minutes where you could take a walk or go for a smoke.