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Death to Afterthoughts!
Let us become Eternal.

I think Afterthoughts is criminally unused and lacks a certain real inherent IC self-serving usage. I propose the following:

1) Afterthoughts in its current implementation is shutdown.

2) Afterthoughts is merged with Eternalism and implemented at the Clone Angel HQs.

3) The implementation is done in the form of confessionals that take "donations" for the following services.

* Public Holo of your Clone. Memorialized upon Clone Death not changeable thereafter. I.E. It's a holo snapshot of "one life". Once you die. It is read-only and you must purchase a new one.

* Private Holo of your Clone. The same as your public holo but only accessible by you. Often used and regularly updated to provide orientation after clone-death.

* Clone Death Package. A private locker accessible only to you after cloning. Things can be put in but they cannot be taken out to protect the tamper-proof nature of this anonymous transaction with Eternalism, LLC. Includes complimentary bible and eternalism robe.

The underlying goal would be to create a montage of a PC's life that could be memorialized and subverted by fully linking it to Grid 3.0 but also provide service and traditional medium of the confessional so PC's have a ritual to practice their faith. Bonus points if it's the WJF Coroner's job to determine cause of death on memorials and Clone Angels have a duty of guiding fellow Eternalists to the Chapel after undergoing the lord's miracle.

Seems a good way to sort of tie both of those under-used areas together. +1 for the snazzy bible and robe...
I really like this sort of world-building and integration of mechanics with lore, especially with the sort of shenanigans that could be worked in the margins.

Would definitely like to see this implemented, in some form and some degree, I just can't think of what sort of manifestation.

Anything to get more people to use Afterthoughts.
Afterthoughts feels like, quite literally, an afterthought for most. It doesn't seem used very often if at all.

I love the idea behind these changes.

There's actually some cool shit in Afterthoughts. If it is changed in some way, let's see if there's a way to NOT erase the existing recordings or remove access to them.

That's crazy...I just read this post and had already posted something you might like in Ideas-->Plot Dropbox thread.

Also I did run a search for "afterthoughts" before posting but did not see this thread show up. Weird. Going to run the search again now.
Verified it still did not show this thread. Might be mobile device related. Going to @bug
I definitely have very limited understanding as to the nature of Afterthoughts and what it does, but I always had the impression that it was a legacy feature that became depreciated by GMs due to the growing playerbase and limited GM time. (This may be way off, and Afterthoughts may run independently of GM help, and the playerbase are simply too intimidated to use it.)

Reworking it into something that minimize pain for the GMs while increasing its utility would be fun and themely. Maybe with a ludicrous price tag to alleviate any fears of balancing issues?

The players are already generating memorable moments; I feel it would be well worth the staff's while to build a coded way to make the most intimate, precious history of a human life hackable. It's like TheMind wiki but for the sort of little things that make each player want to stick around / tell their story. I'm thinking one-liners your chin told you, a gift you got which carries significance, that moment you betrayed your ace and things fell apart, the first time somebody told you they loved you, etc.

Making your character have a personal legacy has always been appealing, and there are only so many people around who care to track IC the stories of the people who have shaped the world's history. Coded legacy is the function of afterthoughts, right?