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death tube
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Xiao

I think the death script is too long. the descriptions are good, but the pauses are too long methinks. clonging might be, but it's not bad. just death.. yeah.. too long



You think you should be able to just get shot of the head, and pop out of the clone tank 30 seconds later, huh?


not what i said
i said i think the dying process is too long
not the cloning

clonging's fine, but the death seems to last about 5 minutes. i think 3 would suffice. or a raito similar.

thats all
:sniper: :boom:

(Edited by Tool at 2:02 pm on June 25, 2003)

So a decrease by 2 minutes would make all the difference in the world for you?


Yeah that pause is deffinetly needed, especially to help prevent people from 'accidently' stumbling on their corpse after they come out of genetek.
It makes it less trivial, and recreates a sense of loss and reflection well, through the descriptions but also the time it takes.

(Edited by Protagonist at 6:05 am on June 25, 2003)

I thuoght it would help. I think there needs to be a death script though.
:sniper: :boom:

what about those with out clones?
the death process is too long, cuase chargen takes at least 30 minutes anyhow. and if your concerend about the clone finding itself, enlongate the clonging proccess, it already take 5 minutes once the death is finished anyhow.
:sniper: :boom:

What about them? You think they should be able to hop immideately into chargen with no penalty for death other than the loss of their charcater? Or rather, 3 minutes worth of penalty instead of 5?

Sounds like a recipe for encouraging twink behavior if I ever saw it.


fuck if i care, it was an idea. geez, delete the entire thing if you want.

No, I'm curious here as to what your justification is.

People should only have 3 minutes to be resusitated?

Seems with modern medicine the time should be LONGER, not shorter.

Given, with some of the resisutation techniques in use, the act of resisutation may accualy shorten their life expencantcy instead of reviving them, but that's kinda a different topic.


(Edited by Kevlar at 2:12 pm on June 25, 2003)

when posting, i didn't know one could be brought out of the death tunnel.  sorry for the confusion.



.. dunno, the whole process, if it ever where to exist seems like it would be horribly painful and physically if not mentally wrenching.

i mean, sheet, they already break your rib cage trying to get your heart beating�

and the death/clone time is perfect to go make oneself a cup of tea. :)

The Death delay serves a number of purposes.

  1. bringing people back from the dead
  2. drifting toward the light, its the process of dying
  3. cool down period
  4. time to dispose the body

The most important one to me is the cool down period. People get livid as all hell when their character dies. We've had people curse us out in the foulest tongues over death. The second most important to me is being able to dispose of the body. You gotta have time to do these things :)

:ogles the bullet points:

wowoo!  he used bullets... so cool!

:tries to figure out how to use bullets:

:sniper: :boom:

Quote: from Bias on 7:19 pm on June 25, 2003[br]NIPPLE CLAMPS! yeah!

Ahem, yes.

Like Johnny said.  Gotta bring 'em back, gotta dispose of the body, and the cool down period is a must. I may have overdone it about the cussing... :-P

Actually...I'm not sure if that was directed at me or not...oh well.

with all due respect to all involved the remove the corpse thing is....  what was the word?,  bulloks?

I one time asked why there was a live person and a dead person who were the same person on adjoining screens.  to get a reply of "what's wrong with that?".  since then I have realized that there really is nothing wrong with that.  

but I have also seen a certan moment recently where someone died, was cloned, and like a week later the body is still there rotting away.

do I have a problem with it?  heck no that's how cloning works.  

finally this was said:
with no penalty for death other than the loss of their charcater?

oh yeah like the 5 min I spend staring at the death screen is a mcuh greater penality than losing my charcter.  I think anyone here would rather watch a 30 min "death play" than auctially die.

I have no problem with it to begin with, but suggestions even if they aren't great (we've all had bad ideas) should be met with a little consideration instead of sarcasm.

that said, I know I will be getting nasty responses form this one so I will no longer respond to this post

*this post is kinda poor so deleate away*

I'm confused: Your saying the removing the corpse thing is BS because you've seen corpses not get removed?

But the whole point of what were saying here is killer has the opertunity to hide the corpse.

Just because you saw one or ten where they didn't dospose of the body dosn't mean it dosn't happen, and that it's not an important thing to take into consideration.

Were it otherwise, people wouldn't have gotten away with some of the outrageous stuff they have, I'm sure.


Anyone who does not take the time to properly dispose of the murder victim they just created may as well go play Russian Roulette and get it over with now.

It -will- catch up with you sooner or later, gar-un-teed.

Ah, what fun it would be to meet all the permed characters in an IC afterlife :P