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Default posture

You should be able to set a default posture for if you get attacked or if you attack, or even if you are just sparring. A command such as @default-posture me is (Defensive, guard, neutral, ect) in the same vane as @default-weapon me is. its more of a luxury thing than anything else, still think it would be nice.
it's not really a luxury thing, it would be a major deciding factor in a lot of fights, especially as many people use weapons or styles you'd only ever want to set one way
I just think if your character is someone who prefers a more defensive style, then if they were attacked they would likely take a defensive style. I am just now getting into the combat system, would this be a bad idea? If so I apologize it was just something me and someone else ended up discussing a little.
You already adopt a defensive posture if attacked, and an offensive one if you're the aggressor. It is a major part of planning how to start and win a fight. If you just automatically jumped into the super optimal pose for your weapon and stats a lot of strategy would go out the window.
Oh sorry! i wasnt aware of that. Like I said I am new to the combat system, and sindome as a whole. My mistake.
No worries.
Yeah you don't have to apologize for having an idea just because one player disagrees with it.