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Defining Physical Characteristics

Someone asked me today what color my hair was... I didn't have it in my @nakeds. Another time I was looking at a player and had no idea how tall they were, or heavy.

It should be pretty easy to have a readily and easily used way to see basic coded characteristics about someone.

* How tall

* How heavy

* Color Hair

* Color Skin

* Color Eyes

* Hair Style

All of these things I think are coded. If there could be some kind of modified look command to give these basic physical traits then we wouldn't be reliant on someone giving a good @nakeds or a vague adjective on short-desc.

I asked about this in xgame and was asked by a GM to post it in ideas.

IMHO Most player include skin color, height, and build in there short @describe. Sometimes it's not blatant (i.e. Maybe they're not described as average but plain) but it's nothing I've really struggled with any established PC's honestly.
Most do, but you shouldn't have to rely on a player to tell you that they are over six foot, that's something you should be able to see whether they put it in their descriptions or not.

Anything that's obvious about a character should not be be obfuscated by anything.

Height and build can be summed up by a character's build adjective. I.E. 'Hulking' 'Puny' 'Average' etc. This is visible on a look command at the character, which will return something along the lines of this:


Overall description of your character can be summarized in @describe. Personally, since @nakeds are a thing, I like to put information like how they walk, how they talk or posture themselves, gesticulate, that kind of thing. Information you'd take in with a quick glance, that lends character and depth to your toon.

For @nakeds you really need to cover your bases on the essnetials. What color is your hair, how is it styled? What color are your eyes, are they beady, large and innocent, darting madly about? What's your facial features, does your character have resting bitch face, are they weasely, are they wizened?

If you want to go lazy, just do the obvious and commonly exposed parts. Head, eyes, ears, hands. You don't need to fill out every naked slot, only if it' something memorable. Neck is a good example. If you don't have a scar or tattoo or something, it's an easy assumption to make that your character has one, and it's fairly average. No need to write out 'has an average-looking neck' in the slot.

You can also describe pairs in a single nude slot. Both hands, both eyes, ears, feet, legs, arms, etc.

No need to write "Has a blue orb." in each eye nude, otherwise the repetition will look a little silly.

These are just some examples and tips from my time here! Please be considerate to artist characters if you come in the dome with tattoos. Get them 'retouched' and have them codedly put on your character. Make your character unique and awesome! Average, unremarkable chums are booooring!

The coded heights and weights are extremely wonky and per Slither are not meant to be taken as gospel. Many characters are like six feet tall and eighty pounds or other silly combinations that they didn't and wouldn't choose.
I'm surprised "scrut me" isn't a thing. 😮 Seems like the kind of info that would go in there.
@Vera I always took the height/weight seriously else I would've given my characters less extreme heights. Also, they changed it some time ago, new characters, when choosing height vs. weight, it weighs it to fit the height. For instance, if you are short and thin, you should be thin fitting a short person, so less weight. If you are tall and thin, you should weigh more than a short, thin person. This has been done in an update.
I was given a height and weight that were both extreme and absolutely NOT what I wanted for my character. I asked if I had to take it at gospel and was told that yes it was.

Ironically, it's kind of become the central theme of the character, so it's kind of funny how that worked out.

However, I'd want this so I know which of the below I should be typing. Sometimes nakeds are hard to process and they are arbitrary as to what people put in there. Same with descriptions.

:looks up to meet Bob McGanger's eyes with a steely gaze.


:looks down to meet Bob McGanger's eyes with a steely gaze.

Less-thsn-ideal suggestion, but you could always just ask OOCly to compare heights when it isn't listed.

I give OOC nudges when things aren't fully discernible by reading a description.

Also, I think if you've taken IC effort to change your weight, you're allowed to request an update. Just make sure it's documented.

@BC23 I almost always got extreme heights whatever my choice was. Weights were weird sometimes too, but way better now after they did that balance on height/weight.
No, many of these body weights are impossible. Nobody is six feet and eighty pounds.

This is why staff doesn't change this for you unless you request to have your body type changed. Someone going from a starving mixer with no stats to a well-fed corpie with super high strength doesn't change weight codedly but it's expected that they adjust their nakeds to look bulkier and healthier.

I don't remember exactly what months this changed, but I'm just saying they balanced it out more recently. NOT for already made characters, just new ones after that update.
Id love to be able to see someones build if i glance at them. Tall/average/short, fat/average/thin? Sometimes height gets overriden by other things, but itd be nice if glance could tell me what those are.
Eye color and hair color would be great too. Because it takes me a while to figure out what murky pools of sparkling midnight luminescent breeze in the sunshine of the someday afternoon means sometimes.
Please see my thread here:

Whereby I suggest that a character's build adjective always be visible and not simply overwritten by things like clothing or filth adjectives, but rather have them both shown.

I think that's a great idea too. With stats and skills I understand some obfuscation is what you want.

But I can't think of any time in my life that I would be unclear if someone is taller or shorter than I am. Heavier or lighter? What color their hair is... etc.

I love the descriptions, both short and long. But I'd say at least 20% or more of the people I look at I can't tell very basic information about them. A Filthy Lithe mona is a nice description, but still doesn't tell me some basic stuff. Things that humans are very good at observing.

So yes, I would be all in favor of your idea, but I'd like something that gets me some basic info as well. Things that are just not hard to notice when you look at someone.

I support this purely because it's a bit of a pain to stop RP for a minute or so to look through someone's Shakespearean @nakeds only to find their hair colour or something like that, and I find it happens pretty regularly.

Having the mechanical details of a person listed cleanly would make the job of picturing them a whole lot easier. @Nakeds are nice, but it's often the case that my character is going to ignore 80% of it unless it's relevant to what's happening.

This sort of thing will end up in the 'glance' command and will not be precise.
Yeah, I don't need precise, but something along the lines of:

Taller or Shorter by a lot or a little.

Heavier or Lighter by a lot or a little.

Hair Color.

Eye Color.

Skin Color.

Attractive or not.

Then perhaps some generic traits. Muscular. Unathletic. Etc.

Just things anyone with functioning senses could recognize with no effort.

If you are unhappy with our height/weight combo after chargen, you might try to appeal for a change via a service request.

Also, if gauging exact measurements is your thing...put experience into perception because near sighted people have trouble getting all those sweet details down to a T.

And yeah, glance pretty much does that...sort of.

There was an old thread somewhere that stated staff would not be doing height/weight change requests anymore. It was pretty friggin old though.

If that thread was too old, it might not be relevant anymore...but I did this less than a year ago. Maybe because I made a very compelling case? I don't know. #humblebrag

But don't worry, the staff will decline or let you know if its not a thing anymore.

I asked via xhelp if I had to keep and RP my height weight. I was already told I have too so that's not really an avenue I can go with.

But as I mentioned earlier, while it seems like the numbers I have in both are highly improbable for a person of their age, it has become a RP point and it's been fun to play. Reversing it now after a few weeks when I have rolled with it thus far would not be cool. It was a rude shock when I started but I'm totally fine with it now.

As for experience in perception, sure that should help, but have you ever met ANYONE who could not tell if you were generally taller or shorter? Heavier or lighter? I haven't. I mean yeah, if you're trying to tell to a couple inches, sure, or a dozen pounds might be the same. But at some point, general physical characteristics should be a given for people to know.

You see someone's build and height when you look at them and this can be further defined in @describe or their nakeds.
You get a very sloppy adjective that doesn't tell you much about what you should be able to see easily.

A lithe mona doesn't tell me if they are taller, shorter, heaver, lighter. It gives be a vague idea of something that is very human to understand and process with little training.

Additionally, you shouldn't have to rely on someone else having a good description to tell that they are black, white, asian, etc. Or that they are taller or shorter than you. These are basic properties that should be easily recognized.

I get that there are systems that CAN describe these things. There are coded numbers and values for all the things I'm asking about. A command that reveals those in some form of detail and uncertainty would be very useful.

I have never had any problem with this unless a player has insufficiently filled out their description, in which case OOC them or xhelp.
I don't see why height and weight are coded into the character at all. Does it have some kind of impact on combat or skills checks? Any kind of checks? Does it change with stat/character progression? How does a new 16 year old immigrant enter the city with horrible stats, weigh 88 lbs at 5 foot 7 and then work out continuously until they're strong and fit as an ox for a year or two and then still weigh 88 lbs and not have grown an inch? I think the community is responsible enough to be able to be asked to write a decent height and weight into their description that may or may not change over time without being meta. Is that just me?
If I had to hazard a guess, I would say that might be due to the time you've played the game and having knowledge of people. I have to look at people all the time and often times I am left not knowing some fundamental things about them.

I get that I am likely having info overload a lot of the time, but really, it shouldn't take reading a page of 'l bob' to find out if I'm talking to a hispanic, black, white, asian, etc. person... only to find out they didn't include it. It's a coded thing... I would think a commend that would reveal basic coded info in a non cluttered way would be both pretty easy and useful.

Having to stop the RP to OOC ask if someone is tall so I can decide if I want to look up or down at them is kind of immersion breaking when there could be an easy solution that just reveals some of the coded info that's already in the game.