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Degenerating node security
To give more work to deckers

This is my simple suggestion: make node security degenerate every few weeks or every month a tiny little bit. Just like guns.

This will give deckers a lot more work to keep systems up to date. Also it will prevent nodes from being secured once by the best decker in the game and become untouchable for centuries.

At first blush I like this.

It works thematically and degeneration/regeneration of in game 'things' leads to more RP.

That doesn't make sense.

Why would security "degenerate"?

Creating programs to break into the security makes more sense or someone of equal or better skill being able to crack it makes sense.

Gradually becoming like someone with less skill over time created the security makes no sense.

I could be wrong, but in RL, you get people of equal or better skill figuring out how to get into cell phones which is why Apple, Google and others consistently resecure the system with better (improved skill & intelligence in game terms) security programs / updates.

Why would someone who isn't up to the level of skill be able to break into the system even after time has passed?

Also, what makes you think a node, once secure, can't ever be cracked after that? Food for thought.

Security becomes obsolete rather rapidly; encryption is improved in a zero-sum race. This wasn't so much a real life hacking adaptation as an RP tool.

And, player behaviour tends to aim for the safest, most secure set of variables. Consistengly hiring the best programmer will make it hard for other crackers to get into the systems.

My 2 cents.

"That doesn't make sense.

Why would security "degenerate"? "

As a counterpoint, many IC items are not priced as they would be RL. See brass knuckles for example.

As an RP tool I think this is a great idea.

As I've said before, before you go making changes to make hacking harder or easier, let's make it relevant. Tie security systems into them. Doing so will likely make this a very bad idea.