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Delivering Crates

This has always bothered me a bit, the way it used to work was that the payout from delivering a crate was based on your level of charisma. I'm not 100% sure if that's still the case but I feel like it is.

I always thought that crates should be based on your strength in addition to your charisma. If you're of higher strength, a stat check / weight check can be done and give you a different sized crate to deliver and each size of crate has a different value associated with it. e.g, Small (100), Medium (300), Large (500) and this could be scaled to match the current average payout from a day's work but cut down the amount of time spent delivering many small packages and get people back out there to the RP quicker.

Charisma could still be used to add a bonus "tip" to the top of a delivery and that'd be a sensible application of the stat in this case.

I just can't wrap my head around a warehouse caring how pretty or charismatic you are when all they want you to do is take package from point A to point B.

This way things make some kind of sense and for people who really spec out for strength and want to be seen doing things that only a strong person could be doing.

And I'm not trying to make crates more lucrative to do here either, I'm perfectly fine with the current payouts.

I believe it's not the warehouse paying us. We are being compensated by the tip the receiver wishes to pay for our services, which is why sometimes... we don't get paid at all. Therefore it makes sense why charisma would be the main factor affecting the payout.

Also, the value itself of the item we are delivering is not necessarily dependent on the size of the crate, as something of higher value can indeed be smaller and lighter.

Okay, of course we're being compensated by the recipient of the package, that is not the point... The "Tip" would still be charisma based while allowing stronger characters to get the job done quicker so they can get back to the RP..

Being able to accomplish manual labor faster than weaker people is not some kind of crazy idea I pulled out of my ass like some kind of fantasy novel. It's how the real world works..

The argument of "Time Benefit" is asinine, if people are getting done with their dumb automated jobs quicker without getting some kind of imbalanced amount of chyen out of it, then they're more available for RP. We want to promote availability to RP don't we... Especially for players with less than 18 hrs a day to dedicate to Sindome like some of us? There is no extra reward enabled by a change like this.

I suppose a stronger character could perhaps carry two instead of one crates, one under each arm. I guess it would make sense. But more? How? Would they stick the packages in their pockets...?
Thats exactly why I said LARGER CRATES, Gwen... Rather than many small crates. I would really appreciate it instead of just giving me a hard time if you read my post.
Take it easy, man. It's a discussion forum. I have much much better things to do than giving you a hard time. Chill.
Then I am at a loss as to why you're making comments that do not reflect any of the things I proposed in my post.

Thanks for your "constructive" feedback though, much appreciated.

AlsoNot, what do you think should be the direct benefit of increased strength when delivering crates? More pay?

In current-day package delivery services, size doesn't necessarily mean the product is worth more -- like Gwen said. But the weight does mean it costs more. I could see that being a part of increased pay.

But if the pay does come as tips from the people you deliver it to, then I don't think it should probably factor.

The tip could be seen as subjective, one person might tip higher for a larger delivery despite the value because they don't have to wait actual time for multiple small packages to be delivered, potentially by a larger number of couriers.

It's a tip of convenience at that point.

And no, not more money. The same amount of money as someone with less strength at the end of the daily cap, just less time spent moving crates.
Crate delivery is a subsystem made to get new players to know the city (makes them go around town) and as a mean to help players to be able to pay for their cube and other recurrent needs.

While charisma does give a bonus, strength should not. The reasoning behind charisma giving a bonus is exactly to give back the investment of UE on a stat that isn't used by lots of other systems. So strength, perception, endurance, intelligence and agility are pretty much excluded from the formula. Luck is the only maybe in this equation.

Thanks Jinx,

That's actually a really great explanation and I can see why it's best to have it remain how it is.

I think crates should be eliminated all together.