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Delivery crates
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Jarethe

Not really a new idea per se, but I think for the delivery crates from Bruce runs, either the timer for retaining them shoud be increased a bit, or when your character, getting tired of carrying it and throws it down, the crate actually appears as an item able to be picked up. Only mentioning this idea/suggestion acount of twice the holding timer has expired on me prior to delivery, I point the reason to the waiting for the Mag Lev. If you just missed the train, and have to wait for the next one, you lose a lot of time on the carry timer, plus the wait time at each stop the Mag makes.

You could always set the crate down while you wait for the Mag Lev. Sit on it or something, and rest before you have to pick it up again.

Just setting it down stop the timer?  Anyways, yeah, the timer needs to be lengthened.  If you miss the mag lev once, most likely you'll miss the delivery.

Get over it :p

For as little effort it takes to deliver a crate, I wouldn't be complaining.

Well, at one point I was, but my views have changed.

If you don't pay attention and miss the's your own fault.

yeah no offense but we've all  lost crates, alot, that's why the job is so easy,

get a better job!


Or take the IC route: Bruce only wants fast deliverators, and he won't pay for late deliveries. That's why you throw it to the ground in disgust: Because it's worthless. Assume also that it can't be opened by you without destroying the contents.

Arn't up for the challenge? Don't take the job. It's an IC problem... Treat it as such.


A long time ago, I had a crate that timed out after about 10-15 seconds! Didn't even get halfway to the train station before it was gone. I think it was some self-destructing spy thing...

Yeah... that's the ticket.

Okay, so someone recoded the crates so now they run out even when you aren't holding them.  So, basically, now, you have to race the levs to deliver them.  This is fucking ridiculous.  The fact that I can rujn faster than the levs is bad enough, but niw I -must- if I want to deliver a crate before it runs out.  It's complete bs IMO.

I've been doing runs for about 5 or 6 days now and haven't missed a single one even though i've had a few mag lev issues...

it's not so bad.

Hmm, well, thjat's interesting, cause if I miss a lev even once, I lose the crate.

go to the nearest station, wait for the lev, don't miss it and it's in the bag...

there has to be SOME challenge...else they'd just issue a random ammount of money each day.  once you get past this stage you'll see how 'not a big deal' it is.

I would have to agree, if they now disaper even if you put it down, it would be very hard to get where your going.

Stop complaining people.  At least you can still run crates!  Some characters are no longer allowed to for several reasons which I will not mention here.

So be grateful for what you got.  its not meant to be a GOOD job anyway.  Even though it is alot easier than it should be.

I had an idea, instead of just throwing them away, which is un-ic really, cause someone that is starving aint gunna just throw his hope for food away.. you could have a message about the persons curiousity overwhelms them, and they decide to open the crate, only to find its.. something worthless.. like a flower, that just disapares or.. a pack of smokes.. or something just worthless that you can't sell.. It would be alot more IC then them throwing the thing away.

Or just have them self-destruct to prevent theft, because the curiousity excuse is only going to fly the first time...

Any way you slice it, you gotta set reality aside for just a second and realize that it's there to add balence to the game and discourage using it as your primary source of income, regardless of what the message may be telling you.


how bout' it doesn't disappear, but when you deliver it the reciever says "sot off I'm not paying you" cause you took too long.   then bruce could say "hurry up you only got <however long>"  too.  

not that I care.   Fuck bruce.... :)

Okay, I really have no opinion either way (as usual)..however...I do have a book reference to make!

You know how in Snow Crash the crates (or was it the pizzas?) had an LCD or something on 'em counting down the time until the delivery would expire? And customers would get free pizza? Kinda like a bomb counting down how long until bad stuff happens, neh?

I just thought that was cool. And would also be cool if implemented in the game, sortof like crates act like watches...look crate = desc of delivery + timer .

:) I like courier characters.

Or say the crate has a device that if its opened it tells them, and you aren't allowed to deliver crates anymore.  That would discourage it, and be pretty realistic.


Yeah, that's the ticket.

Christ, I'm in a silly mood today.  *cartwheels into traffic*

(Arches eyebrow at Aikao)
Okay, I was going to bitch about losing crates due to the mag-lev but I thought better of it.  I have lost crates on the mag-lev due to disconnecting and other reasons.  It sucks but thats life.

Instead I just wanted to say that I really, really like the Idea of putting a LED timer on the crate. Red numbers flashing as you get closer to the deadline. Coolness.  If this was implimented you could also randomize the amount of time. Like in Snowcrash when the hero got a pizza that was already 20 minutes late.  Can you say RP?

    Or if thats to much work, we could go back to Jotun idea, script delivery owner to give you the estimated time of delivery.  "You only have" %time:" minutes to deliver this, so you better hustle."  And then the player might have some Idea how much time they are playing with.  Now how does this help with RP?  If you know you have a certain amount of time and you know exactly where the shop is, you are more likely to take your time, talk to people, ect.  And this gives you more time to actually screw up or get your crate stolen.  Honestly, I don't see why older players are not mugging newbies to get the crates and the cash.  Do the shopkeepers honestly care who delivers the crate?
    And what about Pickups?  One delivery job is actually a courier service, not a wharehouse. Instead of creating a crate to be delivered, what about creating a slip.  The owner says, "Take this to " %Shop" and get a pick up. Deliver it from there to be paid."  The player runs to the shop and hands the slip to the shopkeeper.  The shopkeeper takes the slip, removes the cover and backing and puts it on a crate that they then hand to the player.  Then the player has to deliver it.  Could be interesting. "Umm, why are you sending this up to Saedor-Krupp tower?"  "None of your Fucking Business, Now go."

another 2 chyen from me. (Mensaboy checks his pockets. "Damn, I am running a little low.  Gotta go run some crates." ) ;)