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Dirty/Clean places
Go clean up your room!


It's a simple idea. People in SD get dirty, why not rooms? My idea is twofold: add a small cleanliness descriptor to every room (%L is dirty or %L is immaculate) and add a 'clean' command so people can tidy up. Rooms would get dirty over time, depending on what sector they're in and how heavily used they are. There would have to be maximum and minimum cleanliness levels (Blue is always immaculate, the sewers are always nightmarishly filthy) and the cleanliness of a room would determine how dirty a character gets walking through it.


Unlike most ideas on the BGBB, this change would affect EVERYONE. It would make the game more realistic and provide more interesting jobs to a growing player base. Corpie wannabes could start out at their chosen soul suckers as a simple caretaker, and imagine the plot one could get into cleaning up the CEO's office. Bars could hire cleaning staff that actually affect the world codedly, and WCS would have more to do than just corpse removal. Cabbies would have to keep their rides proper, and everyone could marvel at how Blue keeps its streets so tidy.

Bottom line: even if it would be a bitch to code, this addition would be greatly beneficial to the game as a whole, on nearly all fronts. I highly encourage its installment.

I approve this idea but only, if dirty areas give people a higher chance of contracting horrible diseases. Mixers should suffer from more than just STDs, specially those who go swimming in the sewers.

Maybe the WCS could become an automated pay where you "turn in" your work at the end.

This would force people to actually wander around instead of hiding inside and it would take them time standing in a tile to clean.

I like Ergo's addition too. Certain dirtiness levels on Red and in sewers could raise chances of getting something gross.

Agreed. The lowest ends of the dirtiness spectrum should come with a chance to contact something nasty. It shouldn't be absolutely TERRIBLE, but should definitely be there. The sewers aren't anywhere NEAR dangerous enough at the moment.

Jinx will be pleased.

Think about the possibilities for those damn cabs...