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Disguise Kit / Holo-skin
All-in-one solution

Wigs and Lenses are okay, but I feel like there's a more straightforward solution for the high-end disguiser: A disguise kit. Or Holo-skin. Or whatever.

Maybe it's a physical kit that you apply. Maybe it's the future and it's a smart-holo that modifies how you look under your clothes.

Either way, you design it to your liking and it gets finalised as a "template" of sorts.

Just wear it and it sets your @name, @describe, @shortdesc, @skintone, and @nakeds. Give it limited uses. Maybe it requires prep time like tattooing.

Maybe when someone's disguise drops, you get a message like, "A spectacular array of pixels flicker around %N and suddenly %p takes on a different appearance." (Heck, that can be the wear message too.)

Maybe restrict the stronger customization options behind the highest of Artistry or Disguise. Or just Artistry so there's teamwork required. Maybe restrict the allowable text length for @describe and @nakeds to the designer's skill level, too.

Just spitballing at this point.