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Disguised NPCs on Green/Gold?
Makeup, Contacts, Wigs, and Paranoia

I've heard in a few Town Halls that players/mixers should be doing more crime topside. I think the added NPCs filtering through the area have been a great step in general, and I'm wondering if mixing in some NPCs with makeup, contacts, and wigs (similar to shrouds/hoods in red) would give more wiggle room to those who want to get up to some crime topside.

Basically, some of the rotating NPCs would "shroud up" and would be visible as "An average well-dressed chica" instead of their name. Through actions or response to dialogue this could fall, but they would re-apply later and become disguised as others are.

Contacts and wigs are moderately expensive for a consumable, and are apparently a bit easy to spot oocly (not 100% on this, still playing with them). It would be cool if Gold and Green had a mix of random people in them running around to provide cover for hoodrat shit. There would be more demand and use of the items this way. This would make it harder for PC's in these zones to accidentally/intentionally meta a disguise, and would encourage more interplay between the areas as well.

I like this.
Hey I like this. Gold NPCs randomly touching up their makeup and dropping disguise as they move around.
Also love this. Maybe have some sort of advanced makeup kit to temporarily "disguise" you.
Yooo this is good. Making them less common on Green might be smart, too, since there's less bullshit up there.
Yes, it is easy to OOCly see that someone is disguised using hair-styles/makeup/wigs/contacts but not it is not easy ICly. Please keep this in mind when you RP. I think it's really cheap pretending that someone stands out who shouldn't (not having a character name) or pretending you can see a wig or contacts when there is nothing in the @nakeds or descriptions suggesting such items are in play.

In my opinion, a character with no name is yet more anonymous than one with a name and acting like this lack of name is suspicions is meta. After all, this kind of brings them a step closer to blending in with the ambient masses. And while I certainly agree that having some NPCs doing the same would be helpful, I think it is even more important that players remember these things as they RP.

I just hope they don't start farming them for wigs. :p

But I still wonder ICly how this would make sense or work. All things considered, if the IC follows then I guess its fine.

Just like shrouds and hoods on Red, the makeup and/or wigs and/or lenses could disappear upon death to prevent farming.
IC reasoning --

Makeup: Touching it up throughout the day. (Would require a mirror too?)

Lenses: They look cool but they start to sting after a while so they have to remove them.

Wigs: Got off work and now it's time to lose the wageslave look and party!