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Doctors, Death, Resuscitation

I was just wondering why NPC doctors are unable to resuscitate the recently deceased without GM intervention? Is it due to the potential for abuse? To make death more punishing? Understandable, but it could just be made to cost say twice as much as a clone or require that somehow you've established a good relationship with the doctor.. or perhaps you could buy an 'assurance' contract from the doctor guaranteeing that the doctor at least try to help the person in the event of death.
Preach on brotha.. can I get an Amen....

Tellme.. how manymembers of the congrigration have TRIEIIIIIED to save a loved one.. or a good friend.... Just to be kicked down by Satans deamons in the medical profession who say thou shall not be healed and brought back from the light that bring us all that that big slum in the sky....

Ok, I got it outta me...

Not sure what the issue is with this, could be a person just isn't able to call the verb to resuscitate someone who's not able to pay, cause the doctor takes the money from the person thier healing usually but that's niether here nor there.

If you kill someone in a spar cause you didn't check your @fatal you wheren't showing any IC control, lost your head and killed them, murdered them in the heat of the moment.  

Now if they bleed out cause your using bladed weapons, I don't even wanna hear bitching about ending up dead, it's the chance you took when your character thought it'd be a good idea to get sliced to ribbons by a friend.

And don't even get me started on sparring with firearms.

I can vouch for resusicate not working.. and i'm taking the verb right from the examine me..

On people dying when you don't actually want to kill them..  What if you just wanna teach some a lesson and you just happen to teach real hard..  but oops, you cut an artery.

Well maybe it could work something like this:

Instead of deducting automatically the chyen from the person/corpse the doctor is requested to heal, if there are a bunch of people in the room there could be a question, like.."So who's paying for this?" Then depending on who offered to pay, only then it would be deducted from that person. That way, the doctor won't be rumagging around in the pockets of a corpse, for example, for payment, and refusing to assist if the corpse can't afford it. It would also remedy the situation where if you tell the doctor to heal someone, they take there money basically without their consent.

I doubt this is usually a problem..but it would be cool to get slightly more sophisticated NPC doctors since its such a sensitive issue. Not -easier- but maybe more intelligent..

Sparring and "teaching of lessons" with firearms and swords is just......odd. Maybe you can teach then a lesson with a blunt object? I mean, think people. You shoot/cut/stab someone, chances are they're fucked.
Take a book from Nicad. He doesn't spar, he does death matches and duals.


As too ressusitation, it has not worked for a long time, I think someone is looking into it...

and, finally, Bixby is correct.

If you are tough enough to step into the ring and go toe to toe with another mixer, you are tough enough to end up dead. Them's the knocks in the fight pits. This is RED. This is cold, hard, and nasty. This is cyberpunk.

If you just want to fuck about and see if 'your stats are better than' you'd best check out now, because you clearly can't handle the Sindome reality. When the chips are down, and you are going at it for real, your opponent isn't going to say whoa at a KO.

At least, the shouldn't. Buncha fluffy bunnies, the lot of you.

*shakes a fist*

I like bunnies! they fuck alot.. makes for good discovery channel porn.
*Prances around in a bunny suit*

"Touch the tail and die."