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Dome Pizza
Fresh to your door

Are you hungry, but don't want to venture out in case of pesky gangers or hustlers you owe money to? Just feel like having a night in an not cooking? Then call Dome-Pizza 376-DOME (376-3663)

I want pizza delivery service darnit! You call a number and a person answers and takes your oder and sends a delivery man to your door.

It could work like how the judges are supposed to show up when you cal 911 - only be more reliable. And you could have one basic kind of pizza like pepperonie and cheese.

Or it could be a nice coded place and you could go in and get pizza for take-away and maybe people could work there and get jobs selling pizza or maybe delivering it.

I'd pay 150 chyen for a pizza if I didn't have to go out.

While we're at it, it would be great if the pizza came with the option of beer or soda too.

NOW we're getting into the REAL reason...cuz yer LAZY and want beer delivered to you...

Do you know how big of a target a Pizza delivery guy would be? We're talking a man (or woman), who smells like cheese and cooked meat, strolling through a gauntlet of starving people. Not to mention the big funky colored uniform that you can see from a block down :P

hehe, I thought of this once upon a time. Thought it'd be fun.  If someone wanted the job then I'd tell them to get material, describe them up as Pizzas and then offer their services...