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Dreaming in the 2105
The sleep of reason...

So I've been reading the old dream threads, while I get that things have changed a lot in the intervening time and staff does not have the time or the motivation to give everyone daily traumatic nightmares, I think that it would be cool if notable dreams were still some rare event that can happen to people.

Maybe a lottery-style script could be run so that, in each month, an active player is selected, and a GM could write a brief dream that reflect relatively recent events of significance based on their @notes, or even just something from their history.

I think this would really add to the sense of personal narrative while only adding a very negligible amount of work.

Even if this is unfeasible, I think it would be cool that when somebody is logged out for a significant period of time (i.e, longer than 6 hours), there is a 1% chance that they get a vague nightmare with randomized theme. ("You wake up from a nightmare about your hometown", "You wake up from a nightmare about something that has happened a few months ago.") This could act as a conversation starter or inspiration.

Dreams are one of many $cripts that can be crowdsourced from the player base. If you want more dreams - make more dreams. :-)
I could look into writing some vague dreams to help inspire RP, but I would still like feedback the rest of my ideas on the post first.
The way I'm reading this is dreams would basically be GM thoughts given while you are offline? Have a GM read your notes and drop a @bad_dream or @good_dream seems pretty good to me.
Whenever I have a Sindome dream IRL, I try to incorporate it ICly.

I could probably write down a few of them and make them generic enough to fit a number of situations.


I'm assuming that's already a thing, but I'm also further suggesting that there should be a system in place to make it easier for GMs or even the game system itself to give low-effort nudges to people's RP, such as prefabricated dreams. This way a GM doesn't have to go "is this worth my effort?" when it's literally just a single line of command to give someone Nam flashbacks.