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Drop all of something

Say you've got 200 newspapers it your possesion and you want to drop all of them or give them all to another person.  Sure, you could type drop all but that drops everything else you have too.  So,  why not have it so you give drop all newspapers or give all newspapers to whoever, maybe work like an nth thing.

Plus if you could have it do it all in one post.. like.. Bobby drops a bunch of newspapers.  Or something.. so it doesn't spam and all.

Yeah, printing them too is pretty spammy.

A good way to do this could be by 'grouping' items?


porno mag

@group news

You bunch your seven newspapers together.


stack of newspapers
porno mag

drop news

You drop your stack of newspapers


QuikStop Groceries
Yaddayadda this is a description. 37 dicks?!
You see seven newspapers.
There is a door to the west (w) and a freezer to the south (s).

I like.

me too!