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dropall a freehands companion
Dropping held items instead of stashing them...

I think that it would be a good idea and a clever RP help if we have something like the freehands but to drop held items. It would have lots of use on fights, barbrawls and etc...

It would look way more cool to get a character to drop the scotch and cigarrete and draw his gun at another than to stash both...

I may be mistaken but I thought there was a drop all.  Only problem is it drops -everything- in your inventory. Anything your wearing just returns a mesage stating that you can't drop it cause your wearing it.  But that's just the drop command, your prolly talking a new command -dropall- (notice no space)  that would only drop what your holding, i'd like to see that and It doesn't seem like to hard of a code.  But since it's not necesssary and the admins have a pretty full plate as is It's something that can be waited for.

Why not just use :
drop cigarette
drop scotch

You can only hold one thing in each hand at a time.

I miss the 'throw' command...remember when Nic threw that thing at that guy? Fuck that was funny.

drop all. In  a fight. I dare someone to try it. I DARE EM!

what if your holding two beers then y ou have the nth issues...cides it would be kinda cool to 'throw down' like in a hockey fight.  

Bob throws gloves on the ground before pummiling Joe.
Joe Drops his stick.
Joe Drops his glove, being pummiled by Joe.
Joe Drops his other glove still getting pummiled.
Joe rears back to punch Bob, when he Bob punches Joe in the throat and Joe falls to the ground and dies.

I dunno bout you, but I'd rather be Bob.

I'd rather be Jim, who was in the crowd with an AR-10

But that's just me.