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Drug RP Info on Taking
To know what you're actually taking and RPing!

Since drugs have been recently swapped about with stats and effects, the descriptions of the drugs on the Lore page is outdated and does not match with most of the drugs anymore. As a result, knowing what a drug does now is hard, even once they are taken. You know what stats they affect, but not what the drug is doing to you.

My idea is to have a short message after the drug takes effect, either in an IC manner or OOC manner that gives a short description of what the drug does to you.

Ex. (OOC: Drug X is a such and such, and makes you feel this way, and react this way)

It would help both with RP and with knowing what drugs do once they are taken without being meta.

Lemme know what you think.

So what you're really suggesting is that they update the Drugs page to accurately describe what's what?
Somebody lovely at Fix-It made @taste_msg for drugs... we only need a coder to move the message to drugs and this would be implemented in a more IC, interactive way.
^ and they're *really* good, amazing work you-know-who.
This was discussed yesterday in xooc and shortly thereafter messaging was written up that serves this purpose. It's just awaiting approval/implementation.

Furthermore there is a much more extensive system planned for it that actually has dynamic system scripts and stuff, so I think it's covered.

While the drugs page being updated would be nice, that requires you looking in an non IC place to figure out what your character who just snorted a line of marcy makes them react like. Why not just add it to the taking message to give you a way to start acting once you do so?

Oh perfect. Not on XOOC for years now, but glad thats being added. Been avoiding drugs during the changes for this express purpose but given circumstances have been testing...but effects don't match what is said on the wiki and it makes it hard to RP. Thank you for all the info!