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I think it'd be cool to have some kind of drug manufacturing kit.

Each kit could hold a certain number of chemicals. You'd use the kit to mix up a batch of the drug of your choice, and a chemical skill check could be made, which would determin how much of the chemicals were used up, and perhaps the purity of the drug produced, too.

You'd have to buy chemical refills when your kit ran out.

I think this'd add a whole new layer to the game economy. Fixers providing chemists, who make drugs, who provide to pushers who put the drugs on the streets.

Maybe we should've mentioned drugs before, when people were worrying about not being strong or fast enough to mug someone or whatever..well, score some v-202. Jack up on that and use the chemical advantage to achieve your goal.

Maybe you'll become reliant on it, and need to mug more people in order to feed your habbit. *gasp* oh no!

Desperate street crime, because you're struggling to get something you want, -need- to function day to do.

Sounds pretty Cyberpunk to me.

Go live it people.

Well, I personally think it'd be neater if the 'kit' was more than one object, that you'd have to score separately to have your own little 'lab'. A chemical synthesizer, a purifier, a pressure mixer, and whatnot. So you would actually 'make' the drug in question instead of just entering a command and *poof*, drug pops out the other end. That and the chemicals - and your Chem skill test should not only determine how much of each chemical was used and how pure, but also whether the drug will have the desired effect..what would a bad batch V-202 do to one's system, I wonder?

My idea is pretty basic, but that's the point to posting it. Let other people do all the hard work and proper planning


Gee murph, you know a lot about home meth labs?

Nah, I wouldn't mind seeing a comprimise between the two, one kit is too easy to get, 5 parts to make on kit makes someone more determined, and prove they want it, then they become even more reliant,...but 10 peices is too much

I think it's a great idea personally, for players to be able to set up their own little labs. The multiple pieces would be neat because it'd make it harder to assemble one. Maybe have them be 'installed', like the VR phones, so it takes a bit of time to clear one out.

It would help crime in Red also, more ways for aspiring crims to make money, and adding more point to a gang than just mugging  and harassing people, making more room for growth.  

You'd have the guy(s) working the lab, the guys dealing, and the guys muscling other dealers out of their 'turf'. Not to mention the guys brokering for chemicals or just outright stealing them. Then the people you'd courier the chemicals to the drug labs.
Maybe make it so you need specific components for different drugs, so a lab producing Ex-D7 would be cheaper than one that also makes V-202, but on the other hand, if you make more drugs, you get a bigger share of the market.

But no, Dom, I don't know much about meth labs..there are only a couple things I know a -lot- about. I just also happen to have a lot of useless information picked up here and there that I just neglect to forget. One of those people you don't want to watch Jeopardy! with. =P

hrm... so i was wondering...

i mean, tell me to hush up if this is info that's only to be gotten IC.

but... i was wondering, the drugs that are available in game... are they something that is role played as to their effects or are the effects something more code based, like a swift kick in the jugular? :)

i mean, i've seen the descriptions of, "is looking pretty haggard etc etc." so i know it's not all roleplay... but... how does it work... �when and why does that description appear? after one use of drug X? 5 uses? what?

oh and, i'm *not* looking for IC info as to names, effects, or how to get whatever drugs are out there, or anything like that, �:P ... just how it works ... code wise... i guess :) just curious.

yeah... that's all. weeeee.

*wanders off to smoke a heroin filled jib rock... or something.*


(Edited by Bias at 11:37 pm on June 3, 2002)

Certain drugs give you a certain stat boost...the messege just means that person has done drugs, I think it was part of the addiction code...but I think it is a little messed up

It's amazing how many of us dabbled with drugs maybe once and are still on a comedown a year later...

The obvious sollution is for someone to code candy.



I know that blowing stuff up is highly controlled, but just think, wouldn't it be cool if the labs blew up if you weren't good at chemistry?

Bob is in his New Rose cube cooking up some v-202, when a violent explosion rips the room apart and sends shards of glass and a flaming body out the window and onto the pavement in front of the drome.  

Maybe there shouldn't be consequences so drastic, but there should be, for an unskilled drug maker, rather than just a shitty batch of drugs that fucks people over.

Maybe the chemicals, if improperly mixed, could make some kind of gas that, depending on the potentcy, makes you pass out for a while, temporarily paralyzed, or die altogether.

That also opens up a whole new way of getting at your enemies, making this gas on purpose, and you could go as far as to slide a small tube underneath someone's door, paralyzing the people inside temporarily, knocking them unconscious, or even killing them, while the door gets kicked in, the code gets cracked, or whatever.

Of course, you could never add anything that could not be countered. There could be things like oxygen tanks and gas masks, if you're worried about getting killed in your cube.

That could add in a new thing to health, just add some messages to it when you get a bad batch of v-202, rather than 'He is in excellent condition' or 'He is suffering from a painful laceration and is laboring in intense pain' you could have 'His face is sunken, and he's got bags beneath his eyes.'   You could tie this in with charisma, too.  Maybe after having a bad batch of drugs, people puke at random intervals, depending on the severity of the poisoning, and you could even create an object called 'puddle of puke' that can't be picked up, but has to be cleaned with a verb.  It could be like a corpse, and get worse and worse, until somebody cleans it.  If you really wanted to go overboard, you could record what the people eat in a variable, and describe the puke according to that, 'The puddle of vomit seems to be comprised mostly of what appears to be bits of french fry, but also has some yellow and red that must have been pizza.'  The puke could get nastier, until it's a puddle of rotting, half digested food.  Maybe people will think twice before getting drunk or getting a fix.

I have much more to say, but I'm done raving now...

So, I used the search feature, and I spent an hour reading through old posts relating to 'drugs' and 'tolerance'.  I may have missed a few, since there were like 85 results and something like 1000 posts.. But.. I feel safe in picking this topic.. as I don't think it was mentioned anywhere else.

Everyone is caught up about drugs and OD'n.  And Drugs and how there really isnt a market for them..  I had an idea about this.. Along with a coded OD type deal, how about A coded Tolerance.  I don't think it would be all that hard to include. Maybe a property that holds where the persons tolerance is at.. and every time they use the drug it goes up 1 or something.  Then whatever numbers are added to the persons stats.. are first divided by some percent of the tolerance.. I suck at math so I wont try to make an equation for it..

Along with being IC.. this would rejuvinate the drug market.  -Because- people will no longer be able to buy a vial of V-202 once or twice a month to use on the off chance they get into a fight.  They would have to take more and more each time to get the same effect.  Tolerance could tie into Overdosing and the like.

People would be buying alot more drugs, in order to gain the same effect they got the first time.

So in other words.. It would be just like real life.  And keeping with real life.. It would make drug dealers with good connections fucking rich.  Beacuse drug dealers make there money from the addictied and the people that are chasing the high.  

The first time you take E you are like.. WTF MATE!? THIS ROX0RS!  The second time you take it.. your like.. 'eh.. okay.. The third time you decided to crush up five pills and snort them up your nose and you -almost- get to where you were that first time..

So, your drug dealer is making lots more money.  I think this would solve alot of problems.. and make drug dealing a much broader IC job.

"The first time you take E you are like.. WTF MATE!? THIS ROX0RS!  The second time you take it.. your like.. 'eh.. okay.. The third time you decided to crush up five pills and snort them up your nose and you -almost- get to where you were that first time.."

You made me snort my tea in laughter. This is related to me having just spoken with an old *cough* rave *glances around wearily* buddy of mine about the Jaded Cyclical Effect Loop(tm) of music scenes and how that relates to the high drug saturation of some of these scenes� And how that�s related to the ups and downs of wave forms...  And how that�s related to the gravitational pull of the stars on our h2o meat sacks� and how.. ok. So we stopped there and decided to get on with our lives.
no, contrary to what seems to be popular opinion as of late. I�m not drunk.

*!rambly thoughts warning!*
Nemisis is the smarts. Tolerance. Build it up, tear it down. Fuck horribly with the minds and bodies of the addicts but in a way that makes them want more. Ideally, ICly those who poses addictions would... RP those addictions. I've seen 3 chars RP their addictions with a fair amount of realisme and flair. And remember

being Addicted is illegal.  Not the drugs themselves...

And make them want more of the environment where that they do their drug of choice. Every pusher already knows that there�s a sort of symbiotic knack to it. Tis all. As always my dears, I have nothing mind blowing to say about the matter under discussion but instead rant about something totally unrelated.


(Edited by Bias at 11:06 pm on Nov. 13, 2004)

It'd be funny if you could make fake drugs.
Like, bag some oregano and mark it Th-2c, and if they don't inspect it upon buying, and they take it back to their spot and light up, it says something along the lines of ha you've been duped.

Or label urine/bleach combo as V-202 :D

Jesus, thread from the dead! Almost a year on this one.
It would be real good for that cut throat competitive edge to the game if drug manufacturers could brand the drugs they produce. What's better than a capsule of mRc? A capsule of mRc emblazoned with the logo of _insert brand name here_, which would enable distinguishing customers to separate the best from the rest... Endoprine with an 'E' on one side and the logo of _brand name_ on the other...

I personally like this idea because it introduces the idea of brand and intellectual property into the game. You have the massive pharma companies making loads of drugs - the manufacturing processes for these drugs -must- be patented, and then you have 'other' sources for drugs. So you have the 'official' Endoprine manufactured by ViriiSoma or what have you, and then you have 'other' brands, mostly developed in home labs on Red sector or illegal chem factories.

Parallel: developed countries like India manufacturing generic pharmaceuticals at the expense of the multi-nationals. Branding drugs would introduce an interesting aspect to the game and this could be further applied to all products in the game where there are player made alternative to corporate monopolies (like it already applies to player's brands of clothing).

mRc is the brand. ;)
Hrm.. ok, I see now.

But it would still be cool to have that line between 'generic'/clone drugs and then officially sanctioned drugs developed, like say, those bought with a doctor's prescription from a pharmacy and those bought on the street.

<--is 100% for designer drugs and custom drugs.
You say mRc is the brandname, which I get, but there are chemists and stuff that make mRc that looks just like the chemist next door.. I agree, it would be excellent and great for RP if you could tell which drugs were made by who..