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Hooray drugs!

While I'm foruming, I just wanted to toss out a few thoughts I've had about drugs within the game.

1. Chemical labeler: The drug system is friggin awesome, allow the production of so many different qualities and variations of each base drug, but what happens when you lump a bunch of different qualities of the same drug together? Only those with the proper knowledge have any clue what is what. Your average street dealer isn't gonna have insane knowledge of chemistry, but he still needs to be able to tell the difference between the various qualities he's selling. Thus, a chemical labeler, which appends a short tag to the chem in quesition, V-202 becomes Street-grade V-202 or Crimson Moon V-202. This would e left up to the discretion of the person labeling them, so they can still attempt to base of shitty chems as "the good stuff".

2. Smokables and smell: We have the smell code in game, allowing for the use of various fragrances, but it'd be cool to see chummers who smoke a lot of weed or cigarettes to smell like it, at least if they don't cover it up.

3. Mixing of drugs: Into drinks, either for the fun of it or more sneaky like to mess with your enemy. New drink, the mixloko, take a Silk, add your chem of choice and enjoy. Also, lacing joints with various other drugs to get different effects.

All I can think of for now? Thoughts, opinions, additions?

For the labeling part, it can always spread by word of mouth who has the good stuff.

Obviously, there's always word of mouth with who has the best product. But when dealing with large quantities of drugs that are varying grades, I'll just have to say, trust me it's a bitch trying to tell them apart all the time.

I like the labeling idea a lot, it would allow various producers to have distinct drugs that don't appear to everyone as no different than any other instance of that drug. You want a mellow high just to relax, you take the cheap street-grade stuff; you want to get really fucked up, you take the Black Widow brand stuff, which you paid three times as much for and can tell apart from the rest of your stash by the logo on it.

Then like you said people can create knock-offs of the good stuff, to make extra chyen at the risk of getting caught by their customers or even the producer of the original. More opportunity for risky money that can create conflict.