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Dunna dunna dunna dunna.. BATMAN!
Automated @idea from in-game

@idea from Christian

Alright, don't laugh.. but this seems like it'd be useful as hell to me. Just have some simple object like.. a utility belt. That you can attach flashlights, freqmans, cell phones, whatever to. Just like Batman! Now come on, wouldn't that be handy -and- cool? YOU KNOW IT WOULD!

I think I know where that idea came from...

"To the MidgetMobile!"

Yeah, that'd be cool. Goes along with the old thought of not having that magical inventory. Where exactly does stuff go when you lower it anyway? Especially when your character isn't wearing pants *eyes*

If or when (might be on the list for all I know) we decide not to have inventory as it is, I'd definitely like to do up some sort of utility belts, vests, etc. etc.

And slings for like..  sniper rifles, shotguns, assault rifles, bubblegum machines, rat carcasses, toiletries, WJF Cruisers, and so on.

Yes, I was being sarcastic for some of those.


What about an Endless Bag of Holding +14 ?
You mean like those boxes or whatever that used to be around?


I guess it's a lot to ask for people to do a search for similar topics before posting. (Yes, each word is a different link.)

I suppose it's asking even more to expect them to continue the thread in which the exact same idea was posted.

But I'm going to be brave, and ask anyway.

Please? Could ya? Just once?